7 Steps To Overcome Your Fears

Are you a person with fears? Hey you are not alone! Everybody is frightened of something. Some fears are good for you they stop you doing bad or dangerous things. But other fears are bad for you they stop you doing things you would really like to do, or stop you being the person you would really like to be. They say that fear is only a state of mind. Great, but how do you stop your fear when you are “shivering in your shoes” at the thought of something that frightens you. Well I think there is a way to rid your self of any fear. It worked for me and for the person who first showed me the method. If you follow the steps below, I guarantee you will, with practice, be able to handle any fear that comes at you. The method consists of just 7 steps but you have got to take each step in order and you may have to practice some of the steps over and over but if you do I guarantee you will succeed in riding yourself of your fears whatever they may be. So here we go. Step1 Get yourself a nice big legal pad and a ball- point pen. Now find yourself a place where you can be alone. Make sure you are nice and comfortable because you may want to be there for some time. Step 2 Now take your nice big pad and with your pen draw a line down the middle of the page. On the left hand side of the page write in big capital letters “MY FEAR/S” On the right hand side of the page write in big capital letters “WHY AM I AFRAID?” Step 3 On the left hand side of the page underneath the heading write down what you are afraid of. If you have more than one fear put a number in front of each but write ‘em all down and if you have to go on to the next page go to the next page. Step 4 Now pick your worst fear and on the right hand side of your page write down your reasons why this thing, or person or whatever frightens you. What does your fear consist of? How do you feel? Why is it preventing you from doing what you want to do or be? Step 5 Next take a new sheet of paper and write down what you would really and truly like to do/be if only you weren’t afraid. You have to be absolutely honest with yourself here or this step won’t work. Step 6 Now sit back, relax and close your eyes and imagine how you would feel if you could kill your fear stone dead. Imagine doing the thing you wanted to do or being the person you wanted to be without any fear. Pretend your fear is all gone. Now this step doesn’t come easy to everyone and you may have to practice it a bit. But it’s the most important step in the whole program and I assure you that if you practice and practice it will pay off! Step 7 Take your pad again and write down how you felt when you were imagining your success. Did you feel nice and warm and confident? Did you still feel a little frightened? Write it down. Spend time thinking imagining and writing. And that’s it! That’s the method. It works for me and it works for the person who first showed it to me and it has worked for many of our friends. It will work for you too, if you let it. But you must follow the 7 steps. One last thing remember Step 6 is the most important and you may need to practice it a bit.