A 3 Point Plan To A Brand New You

It’s a New Year and a fantastic time to give your personal brand a jolly-good overhaul. You are like a diamond with many facets. So why not show some of your facets to the world? Here is a 3-point plan for bringing out your best this New Year: 1. RETHINK YOUR PERSONAL IDENTITY Are you tired of always being asked to take the minutes because you’re “the organized one?” Or never being taken seriously because you’re “the funny one?” Or always getting stuck with the numbers job because you’re “the analytical one?” People only see what we choose to project—either consciously or subconsciously. So how about thinking outside the box of “good old you” and adding a bit of spice to your personality. Here’s a five step plan for doing this: 1. Ask five friends to describe you in just five words (and be open!). Pool the results together and pick the two core qualities that are most important to you. 2. Get the same friends to tell you what qualities they’d like to see you bring out more. Pool the results together and pick just one quality you’d like to emphasize over the next three months. 3. Create your brand message with the final list of qualities (e.g. I am dynamic, organized and empathetic). 4. Make a list of changes you need to make if you live and breathe this brand message in every part of your life. 5. Take action. Be radical. Make it happen. 2. CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE Changing your style can be one of the quickest and cheapest ways to bring out your best self. If you look good, you’ll feel good. So what is the best way to reinvent your personal style? Who better to ask than style diva, Nicky Hambleton-Jones, presenter of 10 Years Younger and founder of www.tramp2vamp.com. “The quickest way to start is to ask people what your current style says about you and compare this to the brand message you would like to give out,” says Nicky. “If there is a discrepancy between the two, work with a personal stylist to identify the best way to close the gap without losing site of who you are.” Nicky’s top tips are to: – define what message you want your style to give your audience – capitalize on your strengths and bring them to the forefront – be comfortable and confident with everything you wear – avoid following the latest fashion trends – don’t lose sight of the person you are 3. DEVELOP YOUR PERSONAL PRESENCE You know people with a great personal presence as soon as they walk into the room. They have that “je ne sais quoi” about them. They’re confident and very comfortable in their own skin. Only 7% of our personal impact comes from what we say and a whopping 93% comes from how we say it with our voice, facial expression and body language. So take another look at your brand message. How aligned are you really? Here are some out of the box ways of developing your personal presence: – practice deep diaphragmatic breathing to bring more volume to your voice – take a singing class to help extend the range of your voice – do a Pilates class to improve your posture – try laughter yoga to bring a twinkle to your eye – do a day course in modelling to learn how to walk well in stilettos – walk up the stairs at work to retain that healthy and vibrant glow – try ball room dancing to improve your natural sense of rhythm – do something “stretching,” like rock climbing, sky diving or even pole dancing