A Piece Of The Puzzle

Most people consider “achieving wealth” as a mystery. It is thought that the management of money requires a particular talent that most of us feel was left out of our genetic make-up! We believe that it takes a certain type of person; an expert in number-crunching, or someone who has some special gift of financial insight to understand how to tackle the money mission. This intrigue, or fear, does little to boost the confidence of one who really does want to understand, and participate, in the wealth puzzle. Are you aware that (statistically) the average person retires with a net worth of approximately $40,000 (home equity not included)? That is after having worked about 40-something years! Not a lot to brag about considering how many long, hard hours were toiled to achieve a yearly average of roughly $1,000 (about $80 a month)! If that $1000 a year had been put to work in a wealth building program, such as real estate mortgage notes, the amount of money in the “nest egg” would be alarmingly different! Just imagine not having to worry about money; your financial independence is not just a dream it’s now an attainable reality! It’s never too late to turn the tide, regardless of how hopeless things appear to be for you right now. Assemble the pieces of the money puzzle. Recognize, and maximize opportunities when they arise. SET A GOAL! Write them down, and keep them realistic. ESTABLISH A GAME PLAN! Consider a wealth building program that you feel comfortable with. DEVELOP MOTIVATION, DISCIPLINE, AND PATIENCE! Focus, Dedication, Desire and Perseverance. OVERCOME YOUR FEARS AND HESITATIONS! Those not making mistakes are the ones not doing anything. ABOVE ALL BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! It’s time to take ACTION! “Your” Money Matters by Carl Hampton From the Author of “From Credit Despair To Credit Millionaire.”