Accomplishing Everything You Want By Eliminating Reversals

Ever hear the idiom ‘sink or swim’? When sharks stop swimming, they die. That’s where it comes from. As humans, if we stop moving, stop progressing, stop learning, we don’t literally die or sink, but we stop growing and may even experience a figurative death. Growth happens on all levels of our existence including physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, and when we stagnate emotionally, and we’re feeling ‘stuck’ this may be the result of a ‘reversal’. If you can reverse these reversals and correct this stagnation, you will experience amazing results. If you want to create a change in your life but keep up with counterproductive actions against this change, that’s a reversal. If you really want to change, why do you keep working against yourself? Answer: You’re reversed. I was reversed. I was extremely overweight and yet, I kept eating sugar and bad carbs. Wanting to lose weight was not congruent with my dietary habits. The cake and pizza and ice cream were in opposition to my desire to be physically fit. But eventually I had to make a life or death choice: did I want to stuff my face with unhealthy foods or did I want to see my children grow up? My driving force behind reversing my reversal was fear and, to an extent, anger at the doctor who told me there was really no way out of this health problem I had developed. Whereas I had once felt myself to be invincible, I realize now it was really denial. And I feel fortunate to have had these skills and the awakening of a near death experience to jump-start myself to reverse my reversals. Reversals work on a deep psychological level and make you start believing that what is bad for you is good for you. When I was reversed, I used to reward myself at the end of the day by having ice cream. That’s twisted logic. Reward myself for eating “healthy” by eating a pint of rocky road. Denial. There’s a quote from Gallo and Vicente that says: “An energy reversal blocks you from seeing solutions even when you have the knowledge, or prevents you from implementing the solution even though you have the ability.” This was true with me and my weight issues. I had the intellectual information I needed to fix the problem, but there was a disconnect. Even though I knew what to do, I couldn’t implement the solution. Another example of reversals is drug addiction. There’s nobody out there that could possibly thing drugs are good for you or healthy. People with serious drug problems know that they could potentially die from an overdose. There is something so compelling about the drug, or the food, or the reversed behavior, that doesn’t allow it to be fixed easily. This is the very definition of a reversal. You will notice reversals in major areas of sabotage in your emotional life. Depression, addictions, alcoholism, unhealthy relationships–all are evidence of a reversal. Stay tuned for an upcoming article called “Tapping Away Reversals” for exactly how to clear away these blockages. In the meantime, visit for more techniques and strategies for personal improvement and for winning favor with affluent prospects and clients.