Acting Confidently

Acting confidently can go a long way to teach us how to feel and be more confident. If you practice acting confident for at least part of your day every day, you will notice a difference in a month. How does a confident person stand, sit, and walk? How do they look at a person? A confident person will look you directly in the eyes, won’t they? How do they speak? They don’t use a small voice, do they? A confident person is not afraid to ask for things, or to speak with strangers. If you have somewhere to go like a job interview or on a date, take a few minutes before you go to daydream how a confident person would do it. Do you have a role model? Perhaps there is someone in the movies or life that you wish you were more like. How would they handle the situation? Have fun in the privacy of your home play-acting. Sometimes you can rehearse situations with a friend to help you with your confidence. This is great for becoming comfortable with job interviews or dealing with customers. Practice and familiarity makes us feel confident. If you would like to become good at job interviews, you could also apply for many jobs, even ones you don’t want. At first you may feel nervous, but your purpose is not to get a job, it is to get more comfortable and better at impressing others favorably. The more interviews you do, the less they intimidate you and the more confident you will be. With practice, before long, you will be very successful at getting job offers. A great deal of how we appear to others consists of how we appear to ourselves. When we are nervous or not confident in ourselves, it often causes others to have less faith in us as well. If we believe we are beautiful, others will see our beauty. If we believe we are valuable to them, others will see our value. Always remind yourself of your qualities and the good you have to offer.