Altenative Alcoholism Treatment

For those alcoholics who are not helped by the traditional means, there are alternative alcoholism treatments. Mostly, these treatments have not been researched well. However, many people have had success with them. One interesting alternative alcoholism treatment is called “drumming out drugs.” This method is just what it sounds like. Participants use drums in a group setting to enhance their recovery. Surprisingly, the procedure seems to be an effective alternative alcoholism treatment. Many alternative alcoholism treatments are based on traditional Chinese medicine. This form of treatment is a more holistic remedy for alcoholism than purely Western means. There are several different treatments involved. Yoga is a great tool in combating the anxiety that comes with alcohol withdrawal and recovery. The gentle stretching and spiritual focus help the alcoholic to release the tension that contributes to their desire to drink again. Meditation is a good alternative alcoholism treatment for the same reason. Acupuncture can be used in combination with other treatments for a balanced approach to the mind-body connection. It, along with yoga and meditation can make other alternative alcoholism treatment work better. These methods can make a big difference in an alcoholic’s recovery. Nutrition is an important alternative alcoholism treatment that has come into favor in recent times. For one thing, alcoholics tend to suffer from poor nutrition. Not only do they eat poorly as a rule, but they have physical limitations to their nutrition as well. The small intestine is affected by the alcohol the person drinks. This keeps nutrients from being absorbed in the normal fashion. Thus, the alcoholic does not even get the nutrition from the food that he or she does eat. Alternative alcoholism treatment must address this issue if it to succeed. Also, alternative alcoholism treatment that concerns nutrition must cover the rebalancing of blood sugar levels. Over time, the alcoholic’s blood sugar and insulin have been waging a battle. Eliminating the alcohol is only the first step in correcting the situation. The nutritional values of the foods eaten by the alcoholic are important too. Many companies offer nutritional supplements as alternative alcoholism treatment. These are high in vitamins thought to have an affect on the withdrawal and recovery phases. For instance, Vitamin C is used because of its power to ease withdrawal symptoms and to remove the alcohol from the tissues of the body. The B-complex Vitamins are helpful during withdrawal as well. They form a part of a nutritional supplement alternative alcoholism treatment. Glutamine reduces the cravings for alcohol that an alcoholic has, and so should be continued for a time. When a nutritional plan is drawn up for an alcoholic, plenty of vegetables will be included. Certain vegetables, especially, are chock full of vitamins and minerals. Also, they contain fiber. This is an important part of an alternative alcoholism treatment because fiber helps eliminate toxins from the system. Alternative alcoholism treatment is certainly an excellent part of an alcoholic’s recovery. The question of whether it can work without a more formal treatment is a good one. More research is being done to answer that riddle.