An Ultimate Lifestyle Secret – The Power Of Integrity

Wikipedia defines integrity in the following way. “Integrity is the basing of one’s actions on an internally consistent framework of principles. Depth of principles and adherence of each level to the next are key determining factors. One is said to have integrity to the extent that everything he does and believes is based on the same core set of values. Behaviors within the concept of integrity include: honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, keeping one’s word and agreements, punctuality, ethics, fairness and justice.” The power of integrity is realized when you discover that everything you do and say is guided by the above behaviors. When they become the yardstick by which your life is guided, you have the power, the will and the moral right to do and be anything that you want. Unfortunately many of our business leaders, sports stars, entertainment icons and politicians have not displayed integrity in their comments and actions. As a result, many of them have lost their jobs and quite a few have lost their freedom because they have been sentenced to jail for their indiscretions. It used to be that you could point to a successful businessman or sports star and tell your child to emulate them because they were special and admired by all. Today that is not the case as the morals and actions of many show no sign of integrity and instead loudly bugle, “I’ll get mine and to heck with everyone else. As long as I get what I want, how I do it is immaterial.” Fortunately, the average person is now recognizing these charlatans for what they are and no longer want to have anything to do with them. It is very heartening to see that the average citizen has more integrity than many of the so called “high and mighty.” As the result of court actions placing numerous business moguls in jail, many companies are now creating business conduct guides which all of their employees from the newest recruit to the CEO have to follow. It is nice to know that integrity is making a come back, because its power ensures that employees, customers and suppliers will all get honest and considerate treatment from the companies who follow the behaviors listed above. You too can discover the power of integrity when you commit to personal accountability and making great choices. Did you know that the power of integrity lies within each and every one of us? Well, it does and it is very easy to release this power. All you have to do is follow the above behaviors in everything you do and say and you will discover that the power of integrity opens a whole new lifestyle for you. The power of integrity, a power that no one can take away from you, but which you can squander by not following the above behaviors, is the power of your soul, the power that will ignite the passion of your conscience. With this as your guide, you will never again have to settle for less because your actions and words will mark you as an exceptional individual, someone to be followed and to be listened to. When you are locked into a life of integrity, you will feel powerful and self confident and you will exhibit a magnetic presence and an aura of leadership. With the power you gain from your life of integrity, you will become successful in all areas of your life. In conclusion, living a life of integrity gives you more power than any other lifestyle. Your success will be immeasurable, your popularity unmatched and your joy will be boundless. A life devoted to integrity will be an ultimate lifestyle, and what could be better than that?