Being Fluent In French

Listen to yourself say these French words: Salut Comment-allez vous А demain Bonne nuit Adieu How did you do in terms of pronunciation? Let’s change the approach this time. Imagine you are talking to a French speaking person. Use these words in response to the French questions and phrases he throws at you. Were you able to remember these words easily? Were you able to use these words without so much difficulty? They say the French language is one of the most difficult language to learn. This is the most common misconception of the many European languages. There is nothing more difficult than not trying at all. But let’s all face the reality here. When one grows up as a person speaking an entirely different language, adapting and learning to another one such as French is going to be more than just a hobby. It’s more like a lesson from school with daily or weekly assignments to answer. Many students of the French language would eventually quit at the middle of a course because of the lack of confidence with themselves. They say the French language is just too difficult to say and pronounce when the French speakers struggle with the same mishap on the process of learning English or other languages. Fluency of the language is one of the reasons why learning is given up. If you try to think about it, being fluent with a language doesn’t really have a definite standard. As the word itself is defined as “spoken or written with ease”. It basically means when you are at ease in using and speaking the French language according to the best way you know how, you can go ahead and consider yourself fluent in this field. Though for others, you may speak a little too well of the French language or maybe not too good, what matters is that you know how to read, write, speak the and listen to French language without thinking so much about what it means in your native language. It’s as easy as saying you can survive one night of stay in a French community without having to check your dictionary or hiring a translator. As a French student, what you need to focus on at this point is the way you understand the language. Different people have different approach to understand the language and it is all up to you how you apply it for your own convenience.