Being Open To Our Prospect's Energy With The Golden Orb

On occasion, I like to bring up ideas, exercises and concepts that some would consider to be a little woo woo, esoteric, or downright crazy. When I do this, I simply ask for your indulgence and suggest that even if something is unusual, it has potential to work wonders and give value. First a couple of questions: when you are dealing with another person–a client, a prospect, a child, a spouse, a romantic interest–how receptive are you to their energy? And how willing are you to imagine yourself becoming of one mind with that person? I’ve suggested several other exercises over the months with articles on ‘vibration’ and surrounding ourselves with pink bubbles’ and I’d like to revisit the idea of energy here. Energy is all about the language of the unconscious mind and the interconnectedness of all life. This is an interconnectedness with each other and with the divine (whether that be God or Buddha or whomever you worship). Recently on one of my private one-on-one coaching calls, a very insightful student/client of mine brought up this concept. It started me thinking about how this is exactly the kind of thing that enhances persuasion immeasurably. I realize there’s a fine line of what will pull people in and what will repel them or scare them off. And I completely understand the hesitation. My request: push past this hesitation and receive this information in the spirit that I am giving it: This is a means to advance persuasion skills incredibly. My student described a metaphorical vehicle which he uses in ‘meditation’. It’s a golden orb, an egg-like structure, which he imagines over his head as a source of divine energy. This golden orb flows down through him, to his heart and pours out into the individual with whom he is connecting. When he described this, it struck me as a beautiful way of interacting and it presupposes an intention of doing the highest good, working with the greatest amount of integrity for the benefit and happiness of everyone involved. All of this is the language of the unconscious. This is exactly the kind of thing that I think is perfect for what needs to be done. There is an immense value in this sort of exercise for us as persuaders. You are not asking the other person to change or interfering with their will, but you are changing your response to what is going on. As a result, your prospect, friend, child, romantic interest, business associate, boss, employee. . . whomever, will most likely follow and you will find yourself having a greater capability with them. In doing this, you have expanded the persuasion field, your frame around your self, giving you greater reach and a wider field of vision. Keep this in mind at all times. . . so much of what persuasion is originates and emanates from us. It is controlled by us more so than most people would believe because most persuaders think that the control lies with the person we’re persuading and it really is more within us than anything. All of the exercises I’ve written about, from the unconscious hello, to surrounding ourselves with pink bubbles, to the way we set our intention, to the power of vibrations, to this golden orb. . . all of them point to the fact that persuasion is under our control. One more time: Persuasion is under our control.