Boost Your Attraction Confidence

Do you struggle with a lack of confidence where the Law of Attraction is concerned? It’s a common problem that many people have – especially at the beginning when they’re just learning how to use their power as conscious creators! However, a strong level of confidence is crucial simply because your confidence level is a direct reflection of your inner beliefs. Since the Law of Attraction is guided by your beliefs, low confidence means uncertain results! In order to boost your attraction abilities and create better results, you need to have confidence in three key areas: 1) Self-confidence. Do you believe that you are a powerful creator in your own right? Really? Or do you still see yourself as a victim, at the mercy of both internal and external factors that are out of your control? Do you often feel overwhelmed or frightened by your circumstances? If so, you don’t really believe in your own ability to change them! To turn this around, begin working daily on affirming your own power as a deliberate creator. Remind yourself that your own thoughts, beliefs and emotions are what attract your circumstances, and you have the power to choose those – ALWAYS! 2) Confidence in a loving universe. Do you often feel like the universe is working against you? Do you believe you have “bad luck?” Do you feel like you’re being punished for some forgotten karmic debt? The perception of an angry, judgmental universe (or “God”) is something that many of us received when we were growing up. The problem with this perception is that it keeps us feeling like we have to walk around on eggshells lest we trigger a wrath of punishment and suffering for our transgressions! In order to overcome this limiting perception, begin changing the way you see the universe. Imagine that the universe is kind, loving and supportive of you and your dreams. Affirm that you’ve got a host of angels, enlightened beings, or simply a loving God cheering you on, wanting you to be happy. The more you work at shifting your perception of the universe to one that is loving and kind, the more confidence you will have that you can be, do or have anything you desire. 3) Trust the process. Also important is having confidence that the Law of Attraction really does work. At the beginning of your conscious creation journey, you probably won’t believe this. You may WANT to believe it, but you won’t have a strong level of confidence yet. Once you begin seeing the proof with your own eyes, your confidence level will soar! In the meantime, one good way to begin building greater confidence and trust in the process is to embrace a bit of “active faith.” Simply CHOOSE to believe that the Law of Attraction works. If doubts pop up (and they probably will), simply affirm that you are setting them aside for now and continue to choose to believe anyway. It may take practice, but the more you do this, the more easily you’ll start to TRULY believe. Confidence is really all about believing. It’s about knowing, deep in your heart that you are a powerful creator with the ability to turn your life into anything you desire. The more you believe it, the more you’ll see evidence of it in every area of your life!