Call In A Wave Of Fresh Energy And Progress

Stagnant energy can be a major cause of blockages in all areas of your life, including financial lack, lethargy and confusion, relationship problems, and more. You may be familiar with the benefits of clearing stagnant energy from your living space by giving your home a solid “Spring cleaning” each year – but there’s also a little-known activity that can work wonders to clear stagnation from your life at any time: CLEAN YOUR CAR! Your vehicle is the symbol of progress and movement in your life. Keeping it clean and in good working order carries a lot of energetic – and symbolic – weight! Think about that for a moment. A car that is cluttered with miscellaneous objects and trash, poorly maintained and dirty sends a powerful message of chaos and disorganization to the universe! The result will most often be struggle, lack, inertia and obstacles. On the other hand, a car that is well-maintained and clean conveys an entirely different message to the universe. Clarity, empowerment, forward progress, freedom and clear-flowing energy! The energy and intent in these two scenarios is conveyed into the movement and progress of your life experiences! If you are trying to make more progress in your life or attract greater prosperity, abundance or opportunities, try this: 1) First, clear ALL of the clutter out of your car. Throw away trash and unusable items, put away items to be kept, and make your vehicle as neat and orderly as possible. 2) Wash your vehicle, inside and out. Scrub the outside (or visit your local car wash), wash all the dust from the dashboard and console, and vacuum the seats and carpet. 3) Shine and polish all hard surfaces, and use a spray-on freshener for the seats and carpet. Buy a yummy-smelling air freshener too! 4) Take your car in for maintenance, if you haven’t been keeping up with that. Have the oil changed, tune-up done, and replace tires that are worn or leaking. 5) Write something like this on a sheet of paper: “This vehicle represents my smooth and easy transition through life. By keeping it in good condition, I symbolically call forth the power to make consistent progress on any and all of my intentions. I enjoy a fun and easy path to everything I desire!” Then fold the sheet of paper and keep it in the car. You can store it in the glovebox, under the driver’s seat, or anywhere – just keep it in the car. Then, be sure to KEEP the vehicle in pristine condition from now on! What if you don’t have a vehicle? You can apply these same concepts to any mode of transportation! Do you have a bicycle? Do you walk to local destinations? Do you use public transportation? Be sure that your bicycle, walking shoes and traveling clothes are clean and in good repair. If you use public transportation, do your best to choose a clean and well-lit seat – and even dust off the seat before you settle in. If you have a long commute on a bus or train, be sure to take along some good books to read or uplifting audio recordings to keep your mind focused on progress and movement – symbolically and energetically! It’s amazing how well these techniques can work. In very short order you should notice some interesting changes taking place in your life! You may get offered a better job, stumble upon great opportunities, or breeze through obstacles as if they were composed of tissue paper. Simply convey to the universe that you intend to make progress and receive greater prosperity and abundance – and the universe says, “Okay, here you go!” Try it yourself and see. :-)