Change Your Life In Just 5 Days?

Have you ever woken up hating yourself? Maybe you remembered how you upset or lied to someone you love? Or maybe you didn’t do what you promised to do? Or maybe you just feel that you are just plain useless at everything? Have you ever woken up feeling scared! Maybe you’re scared of going to the office because you have to confront a colleague who dislikes you or maybe you have to fire somebody today. Or you have to present the sales figures (poor) to your boss? Have you ever woken up wishing? Wishing that you were better looking or slimmer or younger. Or maybe wishing you could afford to own the kind of home you were in last night or the car you saw in their drive? Have you ever woken up feeling hate for everybody? Hating the people who just seem to sail through life getting everything the want: the right job, the right home and the right kids. The people, who always get the best jobs, always have plenty of money and get on great in any social situation. Have you ever woken up feeling frightened? Maybe about getting old or sick or that you are losing a relationship. Maybe frightened about how you are going to pay the mortgage or your credit card bills. Or maybe about those sales calls you have to make if you want to keep your job? Have you ever woken up feeling that the whole world is against you? No matter how hard you try nobody will help you or allow you to succeed nobody cares about you! Well let me tell you something, you are not alone. We all at sometime, or other have those feelings. I personally spent years just living and wishing and getting nowhere. But, then I found something. A System that literally changed my life in 5 days! It was 5 days of hard work and I had to make some hard choices but after that it became easier and it gets easier with each day that passes It’s a System so simple that anyone can operate it. Using it will give you everything you ever truly wanted be it wealth, health, love or happiness. It has given me the home I truly wanted the job I truly wanted the car I wanted and the money I wanted. And best of all it has given me a loving wife to share it all. Here are a few of the things the System has thought me which might help you also. You could try to stop worrying, about things you can’t change and use the time saved to think about things you can change. You could try to stop reading newspapers and watching the News on TV for a while. Use the time saved to think about your immediate world and your place in it. Remember, the News Media are in the entertainment business and their idea of entertainment is “gloom and doom… Try seeing them as the guy who shuffles along the sidewalk with the billboard saying, “The end is nigh!” You could try staying away from “losers” the people whose talk is always negative. Who always see the bottle as half empty? You could try to look at the positive side of everything. Because everything has a positive. It’s a hard thing to do but if you try to seriously think about a thing you may find a lot of your “problems” may actually be opportunities. Try listening to music that gives you a lift. Watch TV or go to movies that make you laugh and feel good. Try complimenting people. If you like what a person is wearing or the car they’re driving or the service they’ve given you tell them so. I guarantee you’ll feel better and they will too. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Think about it. If you are taking notice of these suggestions it means you seriously want to change. So complement yourself for that reason if nothing else! You could try having patience with people. Remember they may not be as good or as quick as you at doing things. You could also try having patience with yourself as well. You could try and find some project you truly believe in and get really involved in it. You could try and relax more. You will find you can actually do things better the more relaxed you are. Remember YOU are always in control of your own thoughts and no one, repeat, no one, can do your thinking for you. These are just a few of the things I have learnt from the System. As I said, using it has changed my life and has provided me with something that I consider to be priceless. That is Happiness 99% of the time. I am still working on the other 1%!