Choosing A Talisman For Affluence

Amulets have been used throughout the ages to protect the holder from trouble. Talismans are objects that bring luck. Both have been around since the dawn of man. Literally. I don’t have proof, but I wholeheartedly believe that the first man ever saw a rock or shell and picked it up and thought to himself, ‘This is a special item which will bring me luck and protect me from evil.’ And as the thought escaped his mind, the little rock or shell became imbued with meaning. It might not have been special to anyone else in the world, but for him, it was filled with power. It is human nature to attach. We carry a baby blanket, hold on to keepsakes, believe rings symbolize love and/or commitment. When you think about us humans, it’s rather beautiful that we do this. We give inanimate objects significance and ask them to give us luck, love, wealth, protect us, connect us, and repel evil. Amulets or talismans can be anything-gems, coins, stones, shells, rings, symbols, statues and even drawings or words. I’m not asking you to worship false gods or believe in something esoteric. My intent behind this is to focus on affluence, your affluence. What symbol do you have on your body at this very moment that symbolizes your relationship and future with affluence? Maybe you carry around a large denomination bill. Perhaps it’s an expensive watch. It can be anything that really resonates with you. When you carry around something that embodies wealth, you are carrying the very process of persuasion. It can equate to you, in your other than conscious mind, as something with the capacity to improve your life and steer you toward a big goal. When I was a child, my father carried a cross pins around. I was so eager to have my own set when I grew up. At age sixteen I was given my own gold cross pins. This made me ecstatic and I felt I had really made it in life. I carried them everywhere. I loved them. My friends would tease me. They’d say, ‘Why are you wearing those?’ I would respond, ‘My dad gave them to me. I like them.’ Now I carry a one ounce gold coin and a one ounce silver coin. They’re not only religious in nature for me, but a very tangible symbol of wealth. I take time everyday to commune with the coins and express my gratitude that even in this economy, they’re increasing in value. I love that these coins are real and if I needed to cash them in today, I could. The other thing symbols do is give us grounding and reminding. Sticking your hand in your pocket and finding that gem or gold nugget will remind you of your relationship to affluence. Every time you look to see what time it is, that Rolex reminds you of your relationship to affluence. Every time you feel or see these objects, remind yourself, ‘I am a money magnet. I attract affluence on every level. I am grateful for what I have and for what will soon be mine.’ That’s awesome! A beautiful constant reminder to remain ever focused on your affluence.