Creating The Right First Impression

Many years ago, while on a training course, a lecturer burst into the room in a bad mood. I sat on a table of six and we all thought it was because of something we’d done the night before – largely because we’d all had a bit too much to drink and had got up to some boyish antics. But that wasn’t it. The bad mood actually had nothing to do with us at all. It had been staged to make a point. The point being communicated to us on that day was how a first impression counts and how it effects other people. Why am I telling you this? A few years ago I discovered that some days I found it easy to get. While on other days I didn’t want to get up at all. I then found that the days I wanted to get up were the days when I was doing something I enjoyed or was looking forward to. Then I found that when I was getting up to do something entertaining I enjoyed the process of getting up. In fact when I had set it up before going to be, I even woke up with a smile – in the same way I do when it’s my birthday! So I made a list of the ten things I love doing first thing in the morning and made sure that the first part of my day involved being with as many of these things as possible. I love ‘sunshine’ music like Bill Withers Lovely day, Katrina and the Waves, Walking on Sunshine, Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World, the less-known Boo Radleys, Wake up it’s a Beautiful Morning and I’m too Sexy for My Shirt, by Right Said Fred. I often play these. I love running or walking in the cool of the morning just as the sun rises over the Mendip hills and the heat immediately begins to penetrate my skin. Other things that can set me up for the day are taking a meditative walk in the garden with a hot drink in my hands and taking a slow shower and letting the water tingle over my shoulders. I also like things that make me laugh in the mornings U tube has become a real plus in this way. The scene in Anger Management when Jack Nicholson screeches Adam Sandler to a halt and then forces him to ‘De-fluster’ by singing ‘I feel pretty’, is a favorite. As the rush hour drivers zipped by shouting insults this clip made me laugh harder than almost any movie scene I can remember. Have a look here Recently a friend tipped us off on the Laughing yoga, since then he’s become a regular at the beginning of my working day. My daughter also loves Guinea pigs fighting over cucumber and this has sent her off to school skipping down the road and laughing. If I’m feeling political or have a feeling that the world is not all it could be I enjoy a little Endless Love between two political leaders. Click here So why am I saying all this? I believe making the right impression is important, but especially important when you make it on yourself. Lots of people want to know how to manifest their hearts desire. They see these things as a house or a car or a holiday, but when it’s all stripped down all any of us want is happiness and love. We find happiness and love much more readily when we put a smile on our face, feel at peace and can see beauty in other people. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t yet been approached by someone offering me my dreams when I’m scowling, but I have been offered some wonderful opportunities when I’m laughing and smiling. Perhaps a laugh is attractive – or attracting. 1. Make a list of at least six things that help you to feel good first thing in the morning. 2. On any day you don’t want to get up, allow yourself a few extra minutes to do something you’ll really enjoy. 3. Send me your list. I’d love to know what helps you create a good first impression on yourself first thing in the morning! With Love and good wishes Neil