Don’t Pass Up Those Gems Sweating Inside Your Business Card Case

Have you gone through a lot of hair pulling because of an overlooked break? There are creative ways to get that one in a million chance. Just review your business card case. There’s a gold mine waiting there if you know how to look. Don’t lose track of lucrative possibilities? People, whether in business or not, receive a lot of business cards which they slip in their appointment book, pockets, or wallets. Unless they need the services of the guy whose name is elegantly embossed in the business card, they won’t take a peep. That’s why they miss out on a lot of opportunities. Let’s take this scenario. You have applied for a job and were given a calling card to call back for an update on your application. You kept the business card somewhere in your wallet and forgot all about it. Just when you needed it, it was gone. Had you organized your business cards in a safe holder, you could have landed a job in the nick of time. Or you’re a work-at-home mom. You have developed valuable contacts and you have a pile of business cards to show for it. You can’t afford to lose one because these are all important to your financial health. So, what are these cards doing under wraps? Get organized. What’s your business card case for? Your business card case is not merely a decoy or a tabletop centerpiece. It should be your prime asset whether you’re in business or not. From the pile, there could be a generous funding agency which you might need for your organization or community project, or a person who has lucrative contacts, which you can use for yourself and/or your business. Make use of your business card organizer. If you need more than one, then by all means get more of these cases. There’s no one to blame but yourself if you fail to grab those chances because of lost or misplaced business cards. The chances that could have been yours Let’s not discredit the small and big things that could have come your way such as the following: – job – job promotion – scholarship – hot real estate property in California – services of a cheaper but reputable moving company – new but limited franchising opportunities – free tickets to the ballgames – a date with a gorgeous chick This time, there’s no waiting for prospects to knock at your door. Seek them out. They are all sweating inside your business card case. Take the driver’s seat now Always keep in touch with your contacts, clients, and prospective buyers. You can also get tips from them for future prospecting. For all you know they could recommend new customers. It’s just a matter of knowing how to deal with them without being too pushy because you’ve got to follow business ethics too. Get rid of your sloppy habit. Keep all those business cards and take a look at them every now and then. There’s a gold mine waiting inside your business card case.