Experience Hypnosis Without Going To A Hypnotherapist

If you would like to get an amazing experience of hypnosis without going to a hypnotherapist to get it, you are now able to download our hypnotherapy audios, which have been written and are presented by a qualified hypnotherapist, with relaxing music playing in the background. The hypnosis audios are recordings of the hypnosis scripts with which they appear on the People Building website. Our free hypnosis audio is made up of a hypnotic induction scripts called “Body relaxation induction” and a deepener called “relaxing Inner self for Healing” It is just over half an hour long and forms the basis for all of our other hypnosis downloads which can be purchased from the site. In all of our other Hypnosis audio downloads, those two particular scripts are used as the induction and deepener, and are then followed by the substance of whatever particular area of improvement you need to focus on. Therefore, by downloading our free Hypnosis audio, you will be training your mind on how to go into trance, so that when you are ready to deal with some of the bigger issues you would like to improve, your system will then be used to hearing that same hypnotic music, voice and words and know that it is now time to go into a trance. The free hypnosis download can be downloaded and listened to from your computer, or from itunes and downloaded onto your ipod. Simply look up People Building from your itunes store and select the hypnosis podcast. Of course, by using a hypnosis download, you may not be able to solve all of the issues you are hoping to, because the information is generic and has not been created especially for you and your problems. That is why you can request an audio to be created to meet your specific needs. If you think that there is a audio on the site which may be appropriate, but you are unsure, you could buy the hypnosis script first to read the content of it. For some problems, there are additional resources available. For example, for those wishing to stop smoking, we have a quit smoking e-book, called “freedom from smoking the NLP way.” This ebook contains hints, tips and activities to help you make the transition from a smoker to a non smoker and offers a money back guarantee. The cost of the book is roughly equivalent to the cost of 3 packets of cigarettes so just think about how much you could save in the long run. On the subject of savings, if it’s our hypnosis scripts that you are interested in, in particular, you will be pleased to know that we offer meaty discounts to those who want to purchase lots of hypnosis scripts, rather than buying them individually. There are, at last count over 60 hypnosis scripts on our website. The cost of buying them all would be around $180.00 (roughly Ј90.00) This is why we offer saving of up to $60.00 (roughly Ј30.00) for buying collections of our hypnotherapy scripts.