Giving It Your All In The Fall

Fall is in the air! The dog days of Summer are long gone. The leaves are changing and falling, football is in full swing and pumpkins and gourds abound. Houses and tables are decorated with lovely fall colors. It is a season of beauty, energy and a time of change. As I was walking around the block today I was struck by all the vibrant colors of the leaves and the crunching sound they made under my feet. It brought back childhood memories. I remembered as a kid running full blast into a giant pile of leaves and picking them up and trying to throw them. There is also a nip in the air during this time of year that energizes and awakens the senses and renews the spirit. The change in seasons is a good time to reflect on what changes we want to make in our lives. So now that you have changed the clocks back in your home think about what other changes you may want to make as you strive to give it your “all” this Fall. Here are some things to think about: 1. What can you do to show your vibrant self this Fall? What do you want right now? How can you be more true to yourself? How can you surround yourself with more beauty? 2. What routine would you like to fall back into? Any old habits or hobbies you should bring back into your life? What do you miss? 3. What is getting in your way? What do you keep tripping over or is making you fall? What out dated beliefs are you holding on to? What clutter can be cleared? 4. What are you ready to jump into this Fall? What changes have you been putting off? What steps can you take towards greater fulfillment? Harness your childhood energy to start something new. 5. What do you need to start saying “no” to? What is zapping your energy? What do you want to stop doing? Start giving it your “all” this fall by reflecting and making changes in your life. Get yourself in a relax state. Look out your window or close your eyes. What color are the leaves? Are they red, yellow? How long does it take them to drop to the ground? Can you see them blowing around? Take a breath. Next grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down your thoughts. Do not edit yourself. By pondering the above questions you are taking the first step towards change and getting closer to something you want. Big or small strides it doesn’t matter. What is jumping out at you? A greater awareness of what we want, what we miss and what we are tolerating is a start. Celebrate this new season by identifying changes you would like to see in your everyday life. Here’s to: getting energized, living a more fulfilling life and to new beginnings. Give it your “all” to get the most out of this Fall. Go for it! You deserve it all.