Gulp! Get Off Your Butt This New Year

Every year we face challenges, ones that require us to step outside our comfort zone and brave the unknown. We feel the fear in the pit of our stomachs, yet deep down we know it’s time to meet the challenges head on. Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut and you want to change something in your career: learn a new skill, change roles, go part-time or put yourself up for promotion. Or you’ve had a life-changing event thrust upon you—an illness, divorce or a real knock to your confidence—and you’ve got no choice but to embrace it. Whatever challenge you’re facing this New Year, you always have a choice. Deal with it now? Or deny it …and deal with it later? The Gulp! philosophy is simple. Challenges are good. They force us outside our comfort zone. They give us a reason to stop and reflect upon what’s truly important. And they can become the catalyst for big shifts in our life opening us up to new possibilities. Here is my 7 day program to help you to face your fears and step up to the challenges in your life this year. DAY 1: DARE & DEFY The challenge is there, whether you like it or not. So what are you going to do about it? Face your challenge head on by writing it down and naming it. Set yourself a deadline for achieving it and make the pivotal decision to go for it. DAY 2: BREAKDOWN & BREAKTHROUGH The biggest thing holding you back is fear; fear of the unknown, fear of failure and the list of fears go on. Rather than tar the whole situation with the same brush, break it down and identify the specific fear trigger points. Put strategies in place to minimize these and then focus on the positive benefits rather than the negative possibilities. DAY 3: CENTER & CONNECT When you silence your mind and connect to your deeper wisdom, there is no fear. Here there is only what is aligned to your true essence and what feels right. Spend time centering yourself; meditating, taking walks in nature, doing yoga or simply breathing. Listen to what your wise inner sage has to say. DAY 4: IMAGINE & INVENT This challenge could be a catalyst for really great things to come. When you shut up the chit chat and fears that plague your mind, you create “space” for new ideas and insights to emerge.
DAY 5: PLAN & PREPARE Now it’s time to choose a course of action, put together a plan and start moving forward. The C.I.G.A.R. model is brilliant for this – Current Reality, Ideal Outcome, Gaps, Actions and Review. Make sure you keep your energy levels high with good food, plenty of water and fitful sleep. DAY 6: FOCUS & FLOW As you step forward and move into the “unknown,” let go of control and learn how to simply “be in the flow.” Let your intuition and instinct guide you. When you have to make a choice or a decision, tune in to the situation and listen to what your gut feelings says. As you know, it’s usually right! DAY 7 : GULP! & GO You’ve done the thinking and you’ve done the preparing. You’ve even built some foot bridges. Now it’s time to take that leap of faith. So tie up any loose ends and just Gulp! and go for it. You’ll find it a lot easier than you think! Finally, stepping up to challenges in our life can be the precursor to very powerful breakthroughs. If you’d like some extra support and inspiration to stay motivated and on track, why not sign up for my free downloadable One Big Gulp! Kit, which you will find at Remember, it’s your life, your choice, so live your greatest life!