How To Create A Sacred Space

Do you sometimes wish you could just quit your job, and take off for a week (or more), and just get away. Pressures from finances and relationships can wreak havoc on your hearts and minds. And because of obligations and responsibilities there is often little time (or money) to do anything about it. So, why not create your own sacred space in your own home? There are many things you can do to turn an ordinary space in to a sanctuary. If you do not live alone, pick a room or area that is yours – and put your mark on it. The idea is for you to have your own place where you can go to relax. What you do there is entirely up to you: read a book, practice some yoga poses, write in your journal, etc. To get started you need to know what types of things calm you, and, at the same time, may inspire you. This is very personal, so if you have never thought about this before, it’s time you did. Your sacred place is meant to enliven your senses in a way that makes you playful and creative. This is your time to escape the rat race of the outside material world, and go within to your divine inner world (our inner Source) – where all the goodies lie. Experiment with colors, scents and textures Set the mood with candles, fill the air with the scent of lavender, and lay red silky pillows on the floor. Adorn your space with a stone Buddha statue or a serene yoga figurine. See how their presence affects you. Be patient, and fun with the process. Sit quietly in your space and feel how you are with the silence. Then try a little music in the background. Try Mozart or Deva Pemal (my favorite); musical tastes cover the gamut so pick something you like, which also puts you in a state leaning toward serenity. You may want to have a pretty container with some luxurious and beautifully scented cream. As you settle in your sacred space scoop some into your fingertips, and slowly massage the rich lotion into your hands and on your arms. While you are doing this, breathe. Do not worry about deep breathing or whether you are doing it correctly, just focus on the act of breathing itself. Have a glass of pure clean drinking water nearby. Treat yourself to a sip, and silently express your gratitude of being replenished in such a natural way. Look around you. Give yourself no expectations or goals to accomplish. This is your time to rest. If you feel the urge to write, pull out your journal or your big yellow pad and write. If you feel like laying on your back and letting go, do that. Listen to your intuition, and honor this divine message. This time, this space is for you. You not only deserve it, you need it – we all do. All too often we think of our needs last. You may think, “It’s okay, I can handle it.” The truth is when you ignore self-care, it becomes harder and harder to recover from the damage. And then the ways in which you implement your care will require more time (and more drastic methods) to be effective. Don’t wait until the universe forces you to focus on your needs. Stop, right now, and begin the process of envisioning your sacred space. Close your eyes, and visualize what your room will look like. Surf the net to get ideas, go to a nearby mall or art gallery, and call your friends and family. Inspirational items for your home don’t need to be expensive. Check out my website (our Inner Source) for a wonderful selection of unique and calming pieces to adorn your sacred space. Just click on the inspirational gift shop. Have fun, and approach your task like an adventure. Create your own little sanctuary with your new best friend – you. , Avenstar Enterprises, Inc./Our Inner Source