How To Listen To Your Angels?

You can feel protection and safety. You can sense the answer to a question that is bothering you but you haven’t even verbalized. You feel like you are being given messages and chances to follow a certain path. When you feel comfort in trying times or a sense of happiness when you are sad, you may be feeling the power and presence of your guardian angel. When you feel alone and don’t have the comfort of feeling protected, then you may not be able to feel the presence of your angel. If that is the case, then you can do something to help you feel and hear your angel’s messages and communication. There are simple ways to increase your reception of Divine communication with your angels. You need to be prepared to listen and feel their presence. In order to be aware of an angel’s message, you must place yourself in the reality that we do have angels trying to communicate with us all the time. Have you ever felt that you need to make a phone call, stop a particular thing from happening, or do something that you hadn’t planned to do? Those can be examples of our angels directing us. Sometimes the directions are clear and the outcomes can be seen and understood. Other times, we don’t know why we feel or act a certain way. We need to make ourselves ready to receive help from our Angels. We can ready ourselves by letting our mind and body relax when we feel an outside power is with us. We need to breathe, slowly and deeply. It seems when we are uncertain in stressful situations that we start to have shallow breaths. That can hinder any communication, whether from a physical source or a divine one. By taking slow, deep breaths, we give our body, brain and soul more oxygen. Many wonderful things happen when we have a surplus of oxygen, one being that our angels can travel to us more easily. It’s been said that the more fresh air we receive when we breathe, the better we can feel the messages of out angel. That is why we feel so good when we are out in nature, walking, sitting, watching and enjoying the outside and all the fresh oxygen. Angels love the fresh air and are more available when we are filled with it. It’s why we feel their presence so readily when we are one with nature. So, two of the most important things to realize when we want to feel our angels are to RELAX and to BREATHE deeply. When you are relaxing and breathing deeply, it is much easier to hear and feel your angel’s message, comfort, or protection. Once you are relaxed and breathing lots of health oxygen, you are allowing your body and mind to hear your angel talking to you. Sometimes it is not what we want to hear but it is still very important to us. Our angels stay around us to protect and guide us, so it is very important to FOLLOW THEIR GUIDANCE. If you are being receptive in your relaxed state and asking for help and guidance, your angels will let you know what you should do. Whether it is something about your health or something you should be doing to improve your life, it is essential to listen so you can hear their voice. If it is personal like improving your diet, it is because our bodies are sensitive to the chemicals and processed foods that we eat, which makes it hard for the us to have a clear open line of communication. Since angels are the best teachers to guide us on how to better hear their voice, we need to listen carefully so we can learn the best way to hear them. It is important to ask for guidance and follow whatever guidance you receive. We need to ask for signs from them to know if we are following their advice. Asking for specific signs is not good, because we all receive different signs. Our angels created unique signs for each of us and creatively use wonderful signs that each of us can easily recognize. There is loving sense of humor that angels display in their use of signs and they speak to us in many creative ways. You can feel an angel message if you are quiet and relaxed, and you will start to notice more messages all around you, even when you aren’t trying. Putting your mind at rest to feel the angel’s messages and signs will allow you to be successful in recognizing the signs with confidence.