How To Lose Weight With The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. This means that whatever you are thinking and feeling on a deeper level, you will attract. You can think of it as your subconscious beliefs and programming. If you are finding yourself overweight and wanting to get in shape, then start to examine your deep beliefs about fitness and being overweight. Ask yourself the following questions; 1. Is it hard to lose weight? 2. Does being in shape mean dieting, hunger or denial of something good? 3. When thinking of losing weight now, do memories of past failures come to mind? 4. When thinking of exercise, does it seem boring or a chore to do? 5. Do you want to lose weight quickly or are you interested in life style changes that will permanently keep the weight off? 6. Do I really believe I can do this with the law of attraction? The truth is that you did not get to be where you are overnight. There were processes and patterns of thinking and feeling that brought you to the point you are at now. You have created belief systems and weight gain is just a symptom of them. Likewise, using the law of attraction, you will also begin to change those patterns and habits. I call them mental habits. The above questions will help you determine, exactly how you feel inside about losing weight. Many people want to lose weight quickly through pills, diet fads, and extreme exercise programs. While those things may take the weight off, it is often harder to keep it off permanently, because an important thing has not been dealt with – your mind. By understanding and using the law of attraction you begin to condition your mind to automatically make the right decisions and actions in your every day life that lead to a slim and trim body. Here are some simple steps in using the law of attraction to lose weight; 1. Get a picture of yourself when you were your ideal weight or get a picture of someone who is your ideal weight. You can cut out images from catalogs and magazines. 2. Get a couple of pairs of pants that are at least 3 sizes too big for you. 3. Create a short affirmation such as “I’m perfect slim and trim” or “I’m fit and slim” Then, every day you can use the law of attraction to lose weight by taking at least 30 minutes to an hour and put on the big clothes to help you get into the feeling of being slimmer. While doing that, you look at the picture and get into the feeling of being that which you see in front of you. Then keep saying the affirmation you have created to yourself. You can say it out loud or in your mind. This should be a fun time for you and if you ever feel that it is becoming a chore then you are not doing it right. It may be hard to get into the feeling of being fit and slim if all your life you may have felt otherwise. Practice makes perfect. Give yourself permission to feel good, to feel slim, to feel anything you want to feel during that 30 to 45 minutes each day. Don’t expect results over night, but if you stick with your daily program, you will begin to automatically make decisions in your daily life that will help you lose weight. Also, remember that you will have to do more than just affirmations to get fit. Eating fresh fruits and veggies, low fat foods, exercise and proper rest are also important. By law of attraction, you will find it easier to eat healthy, exercise and feel better and better. With continued dedication and persistence you will be one of those people who have used the law of attraction to lose weight.