How To Make Your Personal Brand “Sizzle”

Many entrepreneurs hate selling. The trouble is you can’t have a business if there are no sales! So what would it be like if you didn’t have to sell yourself at all? There’s an old marketing mantra that says, “It’s not the sausage that sells, it’s the sizzle.” What would it be like if you and your personal brand had so much “sizzle” that people searched you out? Here are five ways to shift from “selling” to “sizzling”: 1. STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR PASSION Running your own business takes courage. And there’s a good reason why you embarked on this journey in the first place. What was it? Remember why you chose this particular business as opposed to something else, because there’s something about it you really love. Think about the difference you’ve made to your customers lives, helping them to be more confident. Reignite your sense of passion and purpose, and you’ll notice an immediate shift in your attitude and enthusiasm. 2. CREATE A “BUZZ” ABOUT YOU We all know people who can walk into a room and create a buzz. There is something about their energy that is really compelling. And often they have an air of mystery about them. YOU are your product, and as a personal stylist you will invariably stand out at any event. That’s because your sharp sense of dress speaks volumes. Not everyone has that advantage. Add some “energy” to that, and you’ll be positively glowing. Get that “energy” by sleeping well, eating well, exercising well and drinking well. Try it, it works. 3. BECOME A “TIP DROPPER” “Tip dropping” is the same thing as name dropping, except that instead of casually mentioning names of important people, you’re casually giving out valuable tips. You can comment on someone’s dress and then say something like “just a tip for you, did you know that you could really enhance that by….” This one tip could totally wow them, and make them curious enough to ask questions about you and what you do. A great door opener. 4. FOCUS ON YOUR IDEAL CLIENT It’s easy to get desperate and cast your net wide. But this is rarely effective as a small business with limited resources. Instead, get smart and get focused. Think about the type of client you just absolutely adore working with. Now typecast them; describe their general age, sex, where they live, what they do, where they hang out and what they read. Give this group a name (e.g., “the corporate flyers” or the “the divorced divas”). Then make sure your marketing message “speaks” to the needs, wants and desires of this group. 5. NOW JUST GET IN FRONT OF THEM! Why be the best kept secret? You offer a great service and you’re passionate about what you do. There are people out there that really need you. So how can you make it easy for them to find you? The best way is to go to the places where they hang out, or write articles in the magazines they read. Once you’re there, let your enthusiasm and passion shine through, and then nature will do the rest. At the end of the day, people buy people, and they buy people they like and trust. So make it easy for people to find you and instead of thinking “selling,” think “sizzling!”