How To Stop Blushing Without Surgery

Shyness and blushing often go hand in hand. Blushing can sometimes feel uncontrollable and if you have a shy disposition then blushing can feel 100 times worse. The problem is, many people decide to jump straight in for drastic measures such as surgery…when the real problem lies inside the mind. Now unless they were planning to remove the “faulty” section of their brain that is actually causing the blushing (which is actually impossible) then I would suggest this to be the worst possible decision if they wanted to cure blushing for good. Blushing is associated with shyness, social anxiety and low self confidence. Surgery cant “nip and tuck” those problems with a knife. There are of course many ways to counteract these problems. First you need to understand which comes first – the shyness/low self confidence/anxiety or the blushing? This might sound strange, but some people blush that are not shy and only become shy or anxious as a result of their blushing. This is a viscous circle that can quickly escalate. So, are you a shy/anxious person that has a tendency to blush? Or are you an outgoing person who can’t help blushing either way? If you feel that you blush uncontrollably and it is making you feel more reclusive and ultimately shyer and more anxious, then you may find solace in treating the physical condition via either cosmetic treatment or, only in extreme circumstances surgery can be an option…although not particularly recommended. Alternatives to surgery? There are many products that cater for both men and women in the market today, who might want to stop blushing without surgery. Some are good, some aren’t. Products range from light foundations (yes, men can use them too!) to green tinted creams to counteract the redness. There are even other alternatives such as acne creams designed for Rosacea sufferers that are known to be highly effective and also a number of vitamin supplements can help to alleviate some of the more extreme cases of facial redness, rosacea, blushing and hot flashes. Even if you fall into the naturally shy category and feel you blush as a result of being shy, knowing that you aren’t showing your uncomfortable blush can do wonders for you self confidence in itself. On the other hand, if you are a shy/anxious person and you think that the blushing is a bi-product of being shy, you can begin to tackle the emotional/psychological reasons behind your shyness. So if you want to know how to stop blushing without surgery, you need to be prepared to take a journey a little deeper than just skin deep…and truly discover the fundamental causes as to your shyness/low self-confidence and anxiety Perhaps you could reach out either to a professional or a trusted and understanding friend. Or maybe try joining a support group or chat with people online? Once you have targeted the areas that make you feel this way you should have a better sense of direction when it comes to actually treating your low self confidence issues for good.