How To Triple Your Productivity In 1 Week From Now

In the terms of the layman, productivity refers to the amount of useful activity you complete in a given time. It is closely related to elegance – the ability to bring about the greatest results with the least amount of effort. It is the belief of the author of this article that productivity grows exponentially with the degree of elegance with which you perform tasks. So how do you increase your elegance and triple your productivity? Mamy authors write about the powers of the unconscious mind. This is the subconscious mind – that part of each person that takes care of the things we consciously take for granted – from the beating of the heart, the regulation of the blood composition, the thermostatic regulation of the body’s temperature by the hypothalamus part of the brain or such processes that were once conscious then become unconscious as one develops competence – e.g. driving, walking, being able to comfortably read the words of this article etc. Would it be fair to say that to the greater extent that you can take control of and allow the unconscious mind to get you what you want, the greater productivity and elegance with which you perform and complete tasks will be? Imagine for a moment…how often do you wake up and start the day on automatic – you get up, may be you stretch, you go prepare breakfast, clean you teeth, or if you’re smart and enthusiastic – perhaps you go straight for a run or do some other form of exercise… All those things are normal and fine, but if you examine this behavior it is a habit that you have formed. It happens on automatic – if it happens smoothly and you don’t really think and decide about what you’re doing, the chances are its ingrained as a habit and your unconscious mind is running the behavioral pattern. So, the rest of this article will show you how you can use this information to create more of what you want by taking control of your unconscious processes, teaching your mind who is boss and achieving bigger and better results, small step by small step. Try this for a week (7 days). Anyone who can do something for 7 days can do it for 21 days, and the experts say it takers only 21 days to learn a new habit. Do it for six months and the chances are you can keep it up for a lifetime it becomes so ingrained – if you choose to. To implement this simple step and triple your productivity in a week, you will need only a pen and paper plus a little willingness to take control and do somethings you’ve been putting off. Step 1: Write out a list of about 20 things each day that you know you need to do – this can include even the most basic of things such as “get up out of bed”, “make the bed”, “clean teeth”, “switch out the lights”, “wash up my breakfast bowl”, “kiss my spouse good morning,” etc. You get the picture, just make sure that you have a list of 20 different things that are really easy to achieve. Step 2: Decide to do the first thing on the list and then do it. Give yourself a tick with the pen and consciously tell your mind that this is a success. Your mind will be pleased with you and support you because you’ve decided to do something and then you have gone ahead an d done that thing – that’s a successful loop – it shows to your mind who is in control – no matter how big or small the task. Step 3: As you find yourself effortlessly doing this list, and rewarding yourself along the way by ticking off your “to do” list, you will find yourself feeling terrific about yourself. You will bring to the fore of your mind the things you’ve been dreading and putting off and actually create the burning desire to get them done well. You’re self belief will skyrocket. Step 4: You can test yourself by slightly increasing the difficulty of the tasks, perhaps add something you don’t yet know “how” to do – eg earn an extra couple of hundred in a week. By increasing your productivity like this and training your unconscious to just get on and support you to “do it” you may well find you achieve far more than you expected over the next week of doing this. You have it within you to triple your productivity in just 7 days. So go ahead, your instructions are above.