Is Nail Biting A Constant Problem For You?

Nail Biting is a habit where a person usually bites their fingernails or toenails. This maybe because a person is feeling bored, nervous, stressed or he/she maybe hungry. The reasons are varied. Excessive nail biting is a sign of mental or emotional disorder. This habit can be compulsive and a person maybe busy nail biting unconsciously where the person is not at all aware that he/she is doing it. In extreme cases, some people bite their nails while sleeping. Sometimes people do bite very hard, so hard that the shape of their nails is altered. This happens in case of a bad dream or stress when dreaming. Nail biting is a symptom of oral fixation according to the Freudian theory. The medical term for nail biting is chronic onychophagia. Nail biting is observed in nearly all stages of life. An estimated percentage is as follows: About 30% in the age group of 7 to 10 years old, 45% of adolescents, 25% in young adults and about 10% in older adults. Nail biting is more common amongst younger males. So what is the harm in nail biting? Some of the most important reasons to stop nailing biting are: Nail biting paves the way for bacteria that reside below the nails surface. They are difficult to clean and enter your mouth easily, which in turn can cause a viral infection. The bacteria may spread throughout the body as it’s mixed with saliva. Fingertips, which are bitten, are often sensitive to pain as the soft skin is left exposed. Russian researchers have stated that children who habitually bite their nails have a low IQ. Those who are working with materials such as iron, paint may end up poisoning themselves because nail biting ensures that the chemicals enter the bloodstream through open wounds. There are many simple ways to avoid nail biting. One can visit a doctor and get the nails examined. Take a picture of your bitten nails and imagine how would they look when they are healthy and clean. If you can’t quit biting all your nails at once, select one nail, which you would not bite and after few days you will have a fully grown and clean nail. This is your reward for not biting the nails. This can motivate you to stop nail biting. Eating calcium and magnesium tablets will help you. Distract yourself with a hobby where you can keep your hands busy. Nail biting can harm your health and honestly a set of such shoddy hands is certainly not a healthy site. Hypnosis is a fantastic way to stop biting your nails and nowadays the process is available in easy to use hypnosis downloads in MP3 format. Using these downloads, you can get the results that you desire and all in the comfort of your owns home. These hypnosis downloads are also just a fraction of the price of going and seeing a hypnotherapist locally. So will you get the results that you want today and stop biting your nails?