It's Okay To Shine!

I’ve certainly had days when I wanted things to happen that just were not happening. Having come through so many frustrations though, I can honestly look back and tell you one thing that stands out as I’ve moved on from each of them. Playing a Game Looking back at where I was I can see that when I was stuck and frustrated I was playing a game. I’ve given that game a name. It’s called ‘Playing Small.’ When I played ‘Playing Small’ I believed there were barriers in front of me, stopping me. The usual barriers (some of which you might recognize) are the barriers such as time, money, resources and qualifications. Many of these barriers have been deconstructed by my coaches and mentors. Once when I needed to make more money, my business mentor broke down what I needed to do into simple mathematics. That was all I needed to know. From their I could work out the rest and stopped playing small. Another time, I was in a quandary over a family matter. I was sitting with my spiritual mentor. He just threw his head back and laughed at me. ‘Why are you making your own life so tough,’ he asked? That was all it took for me to realized I was holding from back something bigger and better, by a petty process I’d put in place. My coach helped me straighten out a head full of confusion. I had so many ideas and was using them as an excuse to procrastinate. ‘I don’t know how to construct this idea,’ I told him. ‘Easy,’ he said, ‘Stop playing the game of indecision. Make what you’re doing simple and get on with it.’ That was all it took for me to stop playing small again. Letting You Out What my coaches and mentors have all done well is common amongst them all. They saw what I didn’t see and helped the real me to be let out. I see this time and again in my coaching. It doesn’t matter if a client wants to run a successful holistic practice, gain promotion or control of their kids. As a coach, I see things they don’t see. Simply put, a coach sees the bigger picture, doesn’t get caught up in all the ‘stuff’ of playing small and guides you towards your goal. When you Shine, the World Shines with You In the last month, (half of which I was on holiday) I’ve heard at least four ‘Oh my God’ gasps from my clients as they’ve just seen things they didn’t see before on the other side of playing small. Instantly goals became achievable. One of the things I’ve noticed is that when an issue is put before a wise person, the light they shine on the dilemma transforms it. That’s why I invest time and money with people who I deem to be wiser than me. By investing in this way my life transforms faster with less time and energy wasted, worrying or wondering. With Love and good wishes Neil