Levels, Phases And A Closer Look At Hypnosis

In a Hypnotist practicing Therapeutic use of Hypnosis, important qualities required are: Imagination, Concentration and Motivation. These are also the qualities desirable for a subject. Hypnosis is sleep of the nervous system. So there is a decrease in the rate of respiration, decrease in blood circulation thus sluggish brain waves. Under the normal consciousness, the brain waves are at Beta wave level. However, with hypnosis, brain waves slow down to alpha waves than to theta waves. Delta waves are brain waves possible in children, & generally no adult can experience the slowing down to delta wave level. Hypnosis can be practiced one to one i.e. one Hypnotist & one subject, or it can be one to many. This is the case of group when persons has gathered with the main motive of experiencing Hypnosis. Hypnosis has excellent power of releasing subconscious mind. It is time taking learning process & requires regular practice. After learning it can useful to advance many facets of your life. Different Levels of Hypnosis Everybody can not practice Therapeutic hypnosis as it requires highest state of concentration. However, the basic or medium state of concentration also brings benefits of relaxation and peace. While lighter level hypnosis gives feelings of relaxation and calmness as level goes higher individual can experience physical effects such as tingling sensations in the fingers, blinking eyelids, a sensation of heaviness in some parts of the body. The intensity of these feelings boost up after few weeks of practice. In initial phase hypnosis most people do not have good perception of time with more experience they can have better awareness of the passing time. In the medium level physical perceptions becomes more enhanced. The subject has pronounced tingling sensations in the fingers, blinking eyelids, a sensation of heaviness in some parts of the body. Some subjects even experience floating sensations. These feelings appear as being very existent by the subject. In medium stage the Hypnotist has better access to subjects mind. In this stage Hypnotist can bring more benefits of hypnosis to the subject. As the level gets higher further the conscious awareness grows fainter leading to top level i.e. the somnambulistic (sleep awareness) levels of hypnosis. This level leads to the best mental and physical responses. In this level several physiologic responses associated with deep sleep, such as the Rapid Eye Movement, can be observed. In this stage the subject experiences complete conscious forgetfulness. It makes the subject virtually absent from the real surrounding. This level brings hallucination. The effect of the illusion remains even after the hypnosis. Hypnosis is most often used for the following purposes: – Weight Loss and Maintenance – Health eating – To cease bad habits like smoking and drug abuse – To overcome phobias & anxieties – To suppress pain during medical procedures In short, hypnosis comes to your help in case some normal point of view or logical thinking becomes barrier in solving any problem of yours. It frees you from problems you want to while in conscious or subconscious state. Learn more about how Easy Hypnosis can help you and your loved ones, friends and others improve the quality of your lives. And share the news with others, too.