Lying To Yourself… And Loving It

Thinking positive can be a lot like lying to yourself. You tell yourself things that are not true in order to change your state of mind. Friends who tell you to think positive are sabotaging you without even knowing it. Negative and limiting emotions are the playground for imbalance, unsure ness, worry and anxiety. When you are caught up in your emotions, you are making decisions based on what you see through those emotional glasses. What we want to be able to do is to take off those emotional glasses so that you can make more clear choices based off of higher unlimited emotional states such as courageousness, acceptance and peace. And once your there anything is possible. There are a lot of times that we cannot reach for what we want based off of the principals of the movie “The Secret”. Letting go of the emotions that hold you back are ways of implementing the movies guidelines so that you become everything it is that you want to be. The trap that we fall into is all of the oppositional thoughts that come up when we use the principals of “The Secret”. All of those thoughts that say it’s not true. Such as: “I have all the money I need to pay my bills” “I am living in abundance” “I am moving more and more towards financial freedom” “I am truly happy every day in every way” It looks good on paper but notice the resistance that engenders when you say those phrases. Often times it is right in your gut or just below the sternum. It’s different for everyone. Sometimes you break out in cold sweats and bang your hand against your head like Rain Man…wait…that was me 5 years ago. Sorry. Now the quickest shortest way towards your goals is to say it to yourself just like the movies suggests. You vision it, feel it. Just as if it were happening to you right now. Again though, that is tough for most of us because it feels as though we are lying to ourselves. Most of our responses to the above statements are, “Yeah right.” “Whatever” and the ever famous, “Bulls***” Those thoughts, needless to say, don’t serve you. What if you tried to phrase it just a little differently? What if you could phrase the goal statements in a way that allowed for the possibility of having abundance or being truly happy? Try this. “I allow myself to have all the money I need to pay my bills” “I allow myself to have abundance” “I allow myself to be truly happy” Notice how that feels? Can you feel the space opening up within? See how now it’s not such a stretch for you to reach your goal. When you allow for the possibility then you don’t have very far to go before you can kick it up a notch and say, “I am living in abundance.” I am truly happy.” Remember, your emotions and feelings don’t want you to be happy. They would rather have you stay in the security of your suffering than to be out in the unlimited possibility of the unknown. Grasp this, and you will well be on your way to mastering your own mind and creating the type of life you deserve to have. To find out more about how to discover the passion that’s already within you…You might find it helpful to sign up for my free 6 part Email course. Just send a mail to the address below to sign up: