Need Some Encouragement? Set Goals And Then Reward Yourself For Reaching Them

When you’re planning your business, setting goals is very important. In fact, it’s imperative. It will help you stay on track and will also help measure progress. When you meet a goal, you should feel good and be motivated to meet the next one. However, it’s still important to reward yourself when you achieve a certain thing you have set out to do. You don’t have to reward yourself by buying yourself a big fancy car for every big goal you achieve. You should gift yourself with something you’ve really been wanting and means something to you, so that you’ll be motivated to reach the next goal. Small Goals, Small Rewards: Big Goals, Big Rewards Reaching a small goal can be just as important as reaching a large one. In addition, because smaller goals are easier to reach, they keep us motivated to reach bigger ones. In fact, big goals can actually be broken down into smaller goals incrementally, so those big goals don’t seem so large after all. For example, if you want 60 new clients within six months, you can set a goal of attaining 10 new clients a month for that span of time. Nevertheless, no matter how you structure it, you should reward yourself every time you reach a goal, large or small. If you decide ahead of time what your reward will be for a particular goal, it will give you an extra incentive to keep going when the going gets tough. For example, a small reward can be simply treating yourself and a friend to dinner out, while a larger goal might get you that new motorcycle you’ve been wanting. Put a picture or description of the reward you’re working toward on your office wall, so that you can look at it and keep your focus. Reaching Big Goals Make sure you’ll be able to afford the reward you’ve decided for yourself once you’ve achieved that goal. For example, if you really have your heart set on that motorcycle, make sure you’ve got the means in place to buy it before hand. If for some reason you can’t afford it once you reach the goal, you’ll be disappointed. This disappointment may make it harder to stay motivated for your next big goal. Remember that you deserve to be rewarded for goals you’ve reached. Make this as much a priority as you do anything else. If the reward is not feasible at this time, then decide on something smaller that will nonetheless still satisfy you and keep you working toward a larger reward at a future date. You need to set goals in business in order to achieve success, but rewarding those goals is just as important, to keep momentum going. If you give yourself something to look forward to for every milestone you achieve, you’ll be able to aim even higher every time you reach one and set the next.