Positive Thinking – Even The Doubters Use It

You’ve all heard about positive thinking and how it can help us turn our lives around. You may scoff at it and call it a con but deep down you know it’s really the truth. Why? Let me explain. If you really think about we all assume were going to wake up tomorrow morning, right? Or if we’re going through a stressful time we all know and have used the saying there’s light at the end of the tunnel, right? Or when this life is over, you will go on to a better place? Is this not also positive thinking? While you mightn’t believe some of the hype or teachings of a guru that came seem far fetched or airy fairy but deep down you do feel that there is something there working for you and guiding you in your life. Norman Vincent Peale wrote in his book the Power of Positive Thinking that positive thinking is synonymous to faith. “Positive thinking,” as described by Peale could be broken down into a three step process of practicing repeated self-hypnosis, attaining “divine” or God’s power to use for oneself, and eliminating and avoiding all negativity in life. Peale wrote that Positive Thinking was simply how you believed in something, you could make it happen. This power of positive thought is really only the power of faith used in conjunction with your actions. It also makes use of the Law of Attraction which is the most powerful scientific law ever discovered. What you think about you attract into your life. Thoughts are where your power comes from. But the thing is you have to be in control of them instead of then being in charge of you. Even professionals and business people use the power of positive thought to develop personal power or gain a competitive edge over the marketplace. Take example Richard Branson and all the many businesses he has. How would you say he thinks everyday “Positive” or “Negative”? Do you think someone like him just sits in the corner sucking his thumb thinking negatively wondering if his new idea is going to work? Or does he just go for it with a positive attitude? Now you may think that he because he’s successful now he can afford to make mistakes and it won’t matter. But how did he and other people get to the top when they started off with nothing? How? Because all they had in the beginning was positive thinking to get the momentum going. Nothing, but them and their thoughts. You may be thinking that all sounds so easy, so why isn’t everyone doing it. But the thing is when we’re surrounded by TV, movies and other things pumping all the negative things to us. It’s easy to take all this is and think the worlds going to hell in a handcart and start thinking negatively. How can you be more positive today? Try to constantly fill your mind with positive powerful thoughts. The power of thoughts is a mighty power that is always shaping our life whether you want it to or not. Negative thoughts just chip away at your self-esteem leaving you feeling vulnerable, powerless, and susceptible to yet more negative thinking and this brings you further and further down. Remember people always appreciate being around a positive person nobody wants to be around a complainer and a negative thinker. Deep down we know that’s not the way we were meant to be.