Public Speaking: Get Rid Of Your Anxiety And Nervousness Once And For All

While having to speak in public, some people are experiencing anxiety and/or nervousness. Their hands are shaking. They can barely say anything. Have you been undergoing the same situation? No need to worry, you’re not alone. There are many out there who feel the same way about public speaking. However, it is best to try your best to get used to speaking in public. A successful person is sometimes asked to do it. So, if you plan to be one, get rid of your anxiety and nervousness. Try these tips below: • Prepare yourself This one is for those who are given the chance to get prepared. If you do, then use the best out of it. Check out what you are expected to talk about. Gather all the information you might need. This helps build your confidence. • Get a drink It is a calming action you can do before getting on the stage. If possible, and if you are about to talk for a long period of time, make sure you have at least a glass of water next to you. Yet, don’t drink too much for it might cause you to make water in the middle of the speech. • Take a very deep breath Breathing deeply can help you feel a little bit calmer. The oxygen can also help your brain work at its best. You can do it once or again and again, until you feel very calm. • You are the star! Keep that in mind. Remember that every star is confident and sure about themselves. So are you. Boost your confidence by acting like a star! If someone asks you to speak in public, never say no. You need to practice. Practice makes perfect. If you keep rehearsing, soon, you will be the best public speaker ever.