Secrets Of Success

Truly one of the most inspiring things anyone can do for themselves is to find gratitude in their everyday life. Contrary to how bleak life may look to you at times, if you could state at least 3-5 aspects of your being with gratefulness, your attitude and outlook will shift. I believe that Wayne Dyer was the person who stated: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Finding gratitude may be difficult to begin with if negative thinking seems to rule your life, or it seems that everything often goes wrong. Though beginning with saying “Thank You” for all the things that you have (that other people may not have been so lucky) is a great place to start. To have sight, hearing, the ability to walk, to talk, think, and the like are all good reasons to be grateful. If you begin each day or end each evening with gratitude you will begin to notice how doing something so easy will have such a powerful impact on your life. After a period of time of being faithful to this concept of displaying gratefulness, amazing things begin to happen with the way you think: 1) You will not longer search to find something to be grateful for, these thoughts will automatically embrace you. 2) You begin to see beauty around you everywhere you look. 3) You start to feel better about yourself. 4) You will find you display a more apathetic attitude towards other people, rather then a judgemental point of view. 5)Several other aspects of how you view life will shift. Remember the importance of the statement that “we create our own life”. Let’s begin by taking responsibility for the way we think. So much information and thoughts go through our minds each day, that if we start to control “some” of our thinking, we will eventually be able to control at “lot” of our thinking. There are several persons that get referred to “Masters” of what they do. Oftentimes, these same “Masters” know the secrets of gratitude. They know that the thoughts they put out to the universe, is what will come back to them. So begin today. Whether you just speak your thoughts of gratefulness in your mind, or begin to journal each day, (a very powerful method) things will begin to shift for you, and you will feel much more at peace with yourself. You will become your own “Master”. Thank you! Wishing you great success! Shanley MacKenzie