Sprouting Paper Seeds: Manifesting What You Want

I lived on my grandpa’s farm as a kid and he taught me some very important life lessons including the Biblical verse: As you sow, so shall you reap. There is a magic to growing things from seeds which we’ve planted. When we tend to sprouting seeds, when we give them fertile soil and water, when we nurture and care for them, these seeds grow into a bounty of life. This can be taken both literally and figuratively. There is a caution when we start growing something to tug at the sprouts in an attempt to make them grow faster, we kill the life that has started. Instead, allow it to grow at it’s own pace. With a figurative seed the growth can be immediate or it can grow quickly, others need time coming to fruition and will only manifest as quickly as you allow it to. You can’t go beyond where you have not yet begun. Simply, in order to grow your plant, your idea, your relationship, your business–you have to start with the seed of inspiration. Without further ado, now for the sowing. . . This is a fantastic exercise. You’ll need to buy some 3 x 5 cards in different colors. And for each idea, thing, relationship, etc., that you want to manifest, (this can be small and simple, like a language pattern or an affirmation that resonates with you), write out a card. The best way to make compose the sentences on your paper seeds is to apply them to an internal state. Here’s one in relation to persuasion: ‘I am aware of the things I need to do to persuade in every interaction I have with everyone I come into contact with.’ You’re aiming at your awareness in this affirmation. My students and clients tell me all the time, ‘Kenrick, this persuasion stuff is great. I love it. I’m thrilled to be studying with you. Yesterday, however, I was interacting with a new prospect and I completely forgot to use what you’re teaching.’ I still hear this from people who have worked with me for years. And I tell them all the same thing, ‘It’s okay. The conscious mind is a fickle thing. It takes time to remember to use the techniques.’ So now that you’ve got your statements written, take the card and cut it up into fifty tiny pieces. The next step is to take those pieces and tape them up all over your house. Stick on the steering wheel of your car. Stick them on your elliptical machine or treadmill. Stick a few up on your bathroom mirror. Get creative. Put them up and leave them there for at least seven days. Every time you see one of the pieces, tell yourself that you’re going to think of the affirmation that you wrote. Think out the affirmation in full. No shortcuts. You’re going to internalize and actualize this affirmation a hundred times faster than you would have otherwise. Think about it–fifty little reminders, telling you to repeat it once again to yourself. . . can you see how this would really sink it into your mind? You can use this strategy to push anything into your brain in order to act more quickly and assuredly. I’m absolutely certain if you try this, you’ll have amazing flowering gardens of success.