Stop Facial Blushing – Think Like A Child And Stop Facial Blushing For Good

If you’re looking for a way to cool down, calm and even stop facial blushing altogether, you need to know what works and what will simply add fuel to the flames. In this article, as an ex blusher myself, I would like to point out a very effective and simple mental theory that will aid you in times of need, particularly when you feel the blushing is at its worst. Just Relax… Yes I know, it’s not easy…but hang in there for a second… In fact, it’s far easier said than done isn’t it? Well, let me reassure you. When you first climbed onto your brand new bicycle that you had for Christmas, did you think that you would always fall off? Well, maybe so, but something made you want to keep on climbing back onto that hunk of metal for another try… …but what made you put yourself through that? It’s not because you knew that the experience of riding a bike was so joyful. That couldn’t have been the reason…because how would you have even known what it was like to ride a bike in the first place? It’s actually because you knew that it was possible to learn and more importantly, at that tender age, you didn’t have the negative thought pattern that would make to doubt your ability to improve yourself. The way you saw it, if other kids can then so can you. Plus, you didn’t want that bike to go to waste or have some other kid ride it whilst you stood by the wayside…right? So how does this relate to the ability to relax? Well, it’s very much the same actually. The art of relaxation is a form which must be practiced with the same discipline that you held just as you did when learning to cruise on those two wheels all those years ago. You must learn the art of being able to switch your “relaxation mode” on and off like a tap. That way, when you face difficult situations and you really need to stop facial blushing episodes, the new found skill of relaxation will help you maintain a lower heart rate and aid you in seeing things in a more healthy and calm perspective. Take five minutes out of each day, sit in a quiet place free from distraction and close your eyes. Make sure you are comfortable and notice your breathing. The idea is to slow your breathing down and relax every muscle in your body. Breathe air to the bottom of your lungs and allow your tummy to expand, not your chest. The more you can train your body to fall into a deeper sense of relaxation each day, the better adjusted you will be when you need to quickly get into that state of relaxation in the future. So next time you see the task of learning to relax as an inconvenience or time consuming chore, remember back to when your bike riding teacher let go of the frame and watched you glide off into the distance with full control. Because that feeling you had back then is the feeling that awaits you in the very near future…a life free from excessive blushing. There are many theories for a blushing free life. I can only hope you are not led to the ones that cost you more time, pain and discomfort than the original problem of blushing itself. Instead, I would encourage you to visit and see how you can block out and stop facial blushing for good with my unique system before the spiral goes too far.