Tap Into Abundance With The Law Of Detachment

You may have heard that one of the most important states of being that allows abundance and prosperity to flow into your life is the state of “detachment”. This sounds to be a bit of a paradox doesn’t it…if you want to create, get, or achieve something detach from it? Yes, indeed. Let’s first look at “attachment”? By definitions terms, attachment simply means a tie or a bond. However, at it applies to life and being, attachment to something often times has it’s emotional roots in scarcity, and those roots can run deep. This is a fear based attachment. Fear based attachment can feel like you are “holding onto” (for dear life sometimes!), and this in essence is the vibration of scarcity and lack. You might find yourself feeling “if I don’t hold on tight it (what I want) will get away from me, leave me, or not come into my life” So you may be holding on tightly to your dreams, your relationships, your money. Can you feel the sense of resistance here? Resistance, no matter which way you look at it, will not help you to increase abundance and well being in your life. In fact just the opposite is true. Let us be reminded about what the Law of Attraction says – what you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, and words you attract into your life. So, if you are attached to something because you are afraid you will loose it, you want to control it, or can’t stand to live without it, then you have much less of a chance of creating that in your life. You will however create more scarcity, and less of what you want. Like attracts like. So let’s talk a bit about “detaching”. It is the conscious choice to let go of fear based attachments in your life. It is the conscious choice to come from love, acceptance, and appreciation… letting go of control and fear based expectations. For some, the word detachment in itself holds a vibration of disconnection, aloofness, and disinterest. So this may not be the “word” you are seeking…but the tone I am speaking of – the state of beingness, is the same. You may want to call it – The Law of Positive Expectation and Belief, or The Law of Faith. What is important to remember is that you come from love, you are love, you choose to radiate love. This is who you are, and a conscious choice at the same time. Let’s talk more about how to choose this space of detachment…of unconditional love, positive expectation, and faith. 1. Remember that being in resistance creates resistance, and stepping into ease creates ease. If you want to create a life a life of ease, then ease up a bit! Stop clutching, forcing, and trying so hard – relax, your good will come. 2. Have a little faith! Trust in divine timing, trust in divine order. Affirm that “all is well” and “things come to me easily”, and “I trust everything will happen in perfect order”. 3. Practice holding dear vs. holding tight – this applies to your relationships, your career, your money…anything that you desire. This is a very powerful shift, it’s love based vs. fear based. And it is your focused love that molds your life….all of life. 4. “Let go” – but don’t let go of your focus. Visualize, imagine, create, intend from a space of love and positive expectation and belief – the law of attraction won’t let you down, you can count on it like you can count on gravity. 5. Focus on feeling good, and turn your attention to something you have ease about. Perhaps it’s butterflies, or chocolate, or your grandchildren. Let go of focusing on life’s limitations – and turn instead to joy and excitement, or peace and serenity, and the knowing that life will unfold for you, especially when you let it. Can you imagine a flower unfolding into it’s perfect beauty if you had your fist around it? Same principle applies to your life. So, here is my challenge to you…do a quick inventory of your life. What do you have fear based attachments to? Make a choice to shift your perspective and your feelings toward a loving sense of detachment – and life will unfold perfectly!