Test Yourself To See If You’ve Got A Bad Attitude

Here is a simple test to see if you’ve got a bad attitude. Do you see a lot more people in the world who have a better situation than the one you were born into? Does it seem unfair that all the bad things have happened to you and not to others? Do you feel like you got cheated somehow and that life isn’t really fair? If you answered “yes” to two or more of those questions then you probably have a “bad attitude”. The truth of the matter is, life is completely fair to everyone. This is not something that a lot of people like to hear. It puts the responsibility on you to act and make things better for yourself and responsibility is not something that a lot of people are interested in. In fact, if this is something that makes you angry to hear, you most certainly are suffering from a bad attitude yourself. Think of the fact that life is full of challenges and tragedies. Nobody has all the answers to life or understands the situations that others have gone through. Some people have been through worse than others and there is always someone who has been through worse than you. Still, you can never imagine the fact that these others who have been through worse, have somehow managed to keep their head up high and to maintain a positive attitude regardless of their fate. The difference between a good attitude and a bad attitude doesn’t come down to relative standards of who has been through worse than someone else. The difference depends on whether or not you can accept the things that have come your way and face them as though they were placed there for a reason. If you are ready to face them with a positive attitude no matter what and make the best of everything that comes your way, then a bad attitude will never be something that you will possess. If you refuse to accept what life has presented to you and refuse to overcome the negative emotions that oftentimes well up inside you, then “bad attitude” will soon become your middle name. It all comes down to the way you look at your own personal life. It’s impossible to really know what others have been through and therefore impossible to judge a bad attitude from the outside. The only attitude you can really judge is your own. So what is the verdict? Do you believe that everything has happened to you for a reason and that you want to face your life as if it were a special gift basket of problems made especially for you to overcome? Do you want to take on those problems with the sense that everything was purposefully placed there just for the reason of making you into the best person you could ever be? If you are willing to do this, you can certainly say that a bad attitude will be a thing of the past for you and there will never be another person who can judge you for who you are. You will certainly become a person with an attitude for success. A bad attitude is actually not so hard to overcome but the real problem comes at the beginning when a person is trying to decide if they really want to believe that life is fair or not. There doesn’t seem to be enough evidence to determine if life is truly fair, so we could determine people tend to stick with their bad attitude just because it is familiar to them and comfortable. The trick to starting to overcome a bad attitude is to recognize how much better a person’s life is when they constantly carry a “good attitude” everywhere they go. Almost instantly, life begins to improve around them and they begin to see rewards from the new attitude they have decided to take. There may be some challenges along the way but, the longer they keep their good attitude, the more the benefits start to pile up and the greater things start to become. If you have a bad attitude, try it out for a weekend and see what its like to have a good one. You might just be surprised at the changes that will come your way.