The Power Of Unselfconscious Affluence

Of course, we didn’t all grow up financially comfortable, but neither did some of the world’s richest people. Several of my most successful students are real rags to riches stories gaining their vast financial successes through single-minded perseverance, education, hard work, intention and a little luck. Their persistence, raising their set points and advancing their mindsets all were part of the mix in what eventually turned them into money magnets. Internal obstacles sometimes need to be overcome in order to advance in life and this holds true as we seek to attain an unselfconscious relationship with affluence and a super affluent clientŠøle. The journey from self conscious to confidence in dealing with all things relating to affluence can be highly individualized. People who grow up poor or struggling, can carry with them that feeling of scarcity no matter how wealthy they become. The father of a student of mine grew up during the depression and became an orphan at the age of thirteen. My student’s father and his feelings of guilt and shame, in addition to being accustomed to having very little from a young age, really shaped his attitude toward wealth and money. Despite being quite successful in later life, despite having several businesses and being a property owner in the very advantageous real estate market of San Francisco in the 80′s and 90′s, there was always this residual fear of scarcity which shadowed everything he did. My student had everything he could ever need as a child–a nice house, an excellent education, plenty of food and never a fear that the electricity would be turned off. His father’s experiences really framed how he viewed money, however. He, despite all his comfort in life, developed a real scarcity fear as well which in turn created a social and class self-consciousness. Unfortunately, this social self-consciousness thwarts a fluid relationship with affluence and the affluent and we should do everything we can to overcome it. Our first step in overcoming this self-consciousness is to understand that there is no shame in abundance. There is absolutely enough for all of us. Life need not be fraught with scarcity. If you are reading this, you have the ability to thrive with an abundant life. We’re here on this planet, I believe, to learn and when we redirect whatever shame and fear into a new pathway, this learning is accomplished. And once we are right with ourselves, our social confidence, no matter what income level, will skyrocket and we will be able to very naturally enter into any social or business interaction with ease even if these social or business interactions are with super affluent people. Try doing this: every morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, tell yourself, ‘I’m a money magnet’ and see what kind of unexpected gains you receive throughout your day. It’s an amazing little exercise in faith and attraction and a truly beautiful gift you can give to yourself. Get into the flow of the energy called money.