The Purpose Of Suffering

Today’s world is in turmoil and rapid transition, with larger scale changes on the horizon. In many of the spiritual teachings that have been coming to the Earth in the last 20 years, we are told that suffering is not necessary, or is the result of faulty belief systems, insufficient self love, or a hidden inner desire to suffer. Though each of these statements contains a kernel of truth, the larger spiritual reality of human suffering is a much more complex situation, that has at it’s root the fundamental choices made early in the evolution of humanity, to separate consciousness from the Oneness of the divine Creator. At the highest levels of God’s truth, all is one and there exists no separation. At the levels of human, embodied physical reality, life appears to be filled with the experience of aloneness, separation from God, from love and from truth. This current reality we experience however, is in the process of transformation as we speak. A new and unprecedented increase in the presence of spiritual light on the Earth has been gradually, and with increasing speed, opening the spiritual awareness of humanity. At the same time, this same light is having a cleansing and purifying effect, causing us to look both within ourselves and around us, to see where we are living out of alignment with love, with truth, and with ourselves. Dearest Ones, the very fact of existing within a physical body exposes you to the experience of suffering. The body is created with internal programming designed to keep itself alive through a series of biological needs that must be met, such a clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, and healthy food to eat. The body’s signals create suffering each day, which motivates the human, embodied self to meet their needs. Emotional and mental suffering are also a part of the human experience, because the spark of light that is the soul essence of a person, entered into human form for a specific reason. In order to find that which the soul desires to learn, an inner feeling or experience of discontent or suffering arises that motivates the person to seek that which its soul desires. There is another aspect of suffering that is related to the process of cleansing and purification that is happening on the Earth right now. Imagine you burned your hand years ago, but at the time did not have access to medical care. Your body tried to heal the burn, but it still has a scar is inflamed and painful. Now, times have changed and you have access to medical care, so you go to the doctor and ask for help in healing this old would. The doctor has to lance the wound, open it and drain out the inflamed tissues, in order to relieve the pain. Once this is done, the wound can heal perfectly. This process of purification that is happening on the Earth right now is opening the individual and collective wounds of humanity. It is a challenging process, because the pain of the past re-surfaces as it is being healed. You may feel for a time that there is more suffering rather than less, and wonder if it will ever end. The good news is that in today’s world, the presence of greater spiritual light is creating more opportunities for complete healing of relationships, old and previously stuck behavior patterns, physical conditions and emotional difficulties. If you are experiencing a healing process, it can help a great deal to hold an attitude of trust and acceptance in relation to the suffering that may emerge. Rather than berating yourself for not being spiritually evolved enough to transcend the pain, or for other limitations you may perceive yourself to have, let go of your thoughts and judgments. Breathe into the suffering, rather than avoiding it. None of us likes to suffer, but if we can relax around the process, there is less pain because we are flowing rather than rigid. Be humble and sincere in your prayers, and ask for healing. Accepting and breathing into suffering does not mean you don’t try to find relief. We are human, and no one likes to be in pain, whether it is emotional, physical or energetic pain. Be practical and do what you need to do to help yourself, but hold everything you are experiencing in God’s loving embrace. As you move forward and find a path of acceptance for the challenges as well as the joys of spiritual life, you will discover a new level of inner peace, and a strengthening of your faith and trust in God. Your suffering is known by God and it will end, for it is but a step in the process of wholeness in the journey to Oneness with God’s love.