The Secret To Success Through Positive Thinking And The Law Of Attraction

Ralph Waldo Emerson said – We become what we think about all day long. This couldn’t be any truer. What do you think about all day long? Who’s going to win on football on Sunday? Do you think about what you’re going wear to Sally’s party or who Nicole Richie is dating? If you think about trivial things all day long – Don’t be surprised if your life turns out trivial. You can’t think about ridiculous, trivial things all day and then once in a while when you’re in the mood say, “Oh yeah… and I really want to be successful.” According to Emerson – just start thinking about success all the time and it will soon come. Emerson fully understood the law of attraction. The law of attraction is the secret to all great successes. It says that you attract what you think about and focus on. You can start harnessing the power of the law of attraction today. I don’t care if you have the flu, you have two broken arms and 2 broken legs – there’s something you can do today that will make you successful before you know it. Start spending a lot of your day just thinking about success. Read and listen to every motivational program you can find. Start using visualization and filling your mind up with thoughts of success instead of worrying about what Jay-Lo and Britney are wearing. C’mon – if your mind is filled up with garbage most of the time, you’re going to become garbage! It’s as simple as that. Think about what you want long and hard enough and it will come – Action will follow. In the same way though – think about what you don’t want and it will come. If you sit around all day and think — I don’t want to end up poor, fat and sick, inevitably you’ll end up poor, fat and sick. The mind knows what you fill it up with. Even if your intention is to avoid something – if you think about it enough – it’s likely to end up in your life. So don’t think about negative things. Don’t think about what you don’t want or what you want to avoid. Think positively and only about what you want. Your thoughts become your reality. If you want an amzing life, you must think amazing thoughts. This is not some mystical nonsense. Quanum Physics has proven this to be an absolute fact. Our thoughts radically effect our reality. Try it out for a week. Can you do it for that long? For one week, I want you to be very careful about what you think about. Think big, think positive and know that you will get what you think about. Don’t let anyone distract you from this for this one week. Avoid negative people for this one week. Only think positive thoughts and dwell on what you want in your life and watch your life start to transform before your eyes.