The Significance Of A Person

I was speaking to an acquaintance recently who shrugged off the topic of motivation and self-empowerment as “just fluff”. He suggested that the fancy words of my business were just hype that is good for the moment in “juicing” someone up, but in the long run there is no substance to it all and a person could do better without it because in the end it is what a person accomplishes in life that matters. I hold that ideas are essential and that the worth of a human does not depend so much on what he or she accomplishes, but on what he longs to accomplish in his heart. What do you believe on this? I am reminded of the words of Kahlil Gibran who once said, “The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain” so I am comforted to have at least one ally. Because chance and circumstance befall us all as a wise proverbialist once wrote, a person may be held back from accomplishing the great things in life they would have if the wheel of misfortune had not turned against them. I know a great man who was a bishop in my church and he was in the midst of accomplishing great things with many people, helping to change the lives of entire families because of his wise instruction and counseling. Then one day this friend of mine suffered a stroke, one that took away the use of his right side and his speech. After that he became practically useless in his ability to function as a whole person. His influence vanished from us in the church and it was felt by all from the least to the greatest of us. We felt a hole where there was once brilliant inspiration. I believe it is what a person longs to accomplish that matters, not what he or she actually does accomplish. You see if he/she longs to accomplish some great thing, then that fire “to do” burns in the soul forever, driving and directing a person like a compass on a ship through the dark night on a turbulent ocean; and should the weather change and good fortune present itself, the burning drive of those noble longings find place to produce, yes accomplish much. However if the weather should not change, and rough oceans and bad circumstances prevail it matters not, for the driving force shall still reside in the person burning bright making that person right of heart at least, and will await the opportune time if it shall come to then accomplish what dreams were intended to do. Chance and circumstance befall us all. That’s why the significance of a person should never be judged by what they have accomplished alone. We all have the potential to be someone great. But what we long for determines the present and the future? That is what matters. Like my friend the bishop who was stricken with a terrible illness that took his ability away, he shall be made whole again, and you too may awaken from your paralysis as he undoubtedly will someday. So my friend do not give up, but press on for if your heart is true to right principles, and if good conditions present themselves, as sure they will one day, you too will realize the results of your dreams. For today it is yours and mine to long for what we will. Your empowerment comes from what you desire.