Therapy For Therapists

Have you ever had a problem that seemed so stuck and so complicated that you just couldn’t get it straight in your mind? And the more you tried to make sense of it, the more complicated it seemed to get. We’ve all had a problem like that before, and it’s good to know that there are people in the world who make it their business to help others solve problems. But what happens when the person who is supposed to solve the problems is also confused by the problem? Who helps then? It’s useful to know that there is a wealth of resources to be had for those who make it their business to help others. At People Building, we have walked in all of those pairs of shoes. We have been that person with a problem, and know how that feels, that urgency to fee open one’s own mind. We have been the therapists helping the client with their problem, and we have even been the therapist who has once in a while listened to a client and thought “heck, what do I do here?” It’s great to be challenged in this way because we accept that no one person has access to all of the possible answers, and accepting this only drives us to discover the answers we haven’t yet got. Now, we are established as a support network for therapists also. Every week we receive inquiries such as therapists requesting Hypnosis scripts for problems they are unsure of how to tackle, or parents who are interested in our NLP for children programmes, wondering what small steps they can take to encourage their children. And unlike other popular training organisations we do one significant thing differently to other training companies that I approached when I was a therapist, feeling suck about a problem. The most meaningful thing that they do, is that they reply. And when they reply, they will point you in the best direction they know and offer the best suggestions they have. This in itself is unique- that a training company that is busy conducting NLP and hypnotherapy training courses reply to a message for help, let alone that they will help anyone in any way they can, even if that person has never actually trained with them- even if you have trained with a competitor training company. However, before you go ahead and call or email them, the best point of reference is their website. Here you will find Hypnosis scripts for hypnotherapists, hypnotherapy audio mp3’s and e-books to help you write your own hypnosis scripts, e-book of collections of hypnotherapy scripts and e-books to help quit smoking, improve confidence and relationships. There are also many other resources contained on the site, such as quizzes and personality tests which you might like to try out for yourself or refer you clients to so that they can discover more information about themselves and how their mind operates. They frequently publish a free hypnosis script in their free fortnightly newsletter, which also contains hint and tips on NLP based techniques that you might like to try out with your clients.