TruAwareness Quiz

Discover the divine meaning behind the painful feelings and events in your life with a healing practice called TruAwareness, and uncover the powerful wisdom embedded in your life experiences and find deeper healing and more peace than you’ve ever known. Answer the following questions with a True or False response and write your answers down: 1. When I’m reminded of moments from my past relationships, I can feel regret, sadness, anger or resentment. 2. I experience stress and tension in my life. 3. I often wonder how I could accomplish my goals more quickly. 4. I would like to eliminate certain patterns in my behavior, but I’m not sure how to do it. 5. I think about taking revenge toward those who have hurt me. 6. I would like to have more confidence in certain situations. 7. I want to trust my instincts more readily. 8. Knowing my life purpose would make my life more meaningful. 9. I would like to be happier. 10. I would like to enhance my intuitive abilities. 11. I want to know how I’ve created certain experiences in my life. 12. Sometimes I want to know the reasons for others’ behaviors so I can understand them and certain situations better. 13. I would like to hear Divine Guidance more clearly. 14. I want to be powerfully authentic in my life. 15. I have grief and sadness that I would like to heal. 16. I feel anxiety at family gatherings, work functions and social settings. 17. When I think of my current relationships, I can feel regret, sadness, anger or resentment. 18. I wonder why certain things happen in my life. 19. I want a deeper connection with those I love. 20. I would like to have a way to peacefully resolve conflict in my life. 21. I wrestle with guilt, depression, anger or sadness in my life. 22. I would like to have more success in my life. Rate each True response with 5 points, rate each False response with 0 points. 0-5 Points: We all have stress and pressures in our lives and facing these challenges helps us to grow and change in positive and healthy ways. TruAwareness can help you to become more aware of what you’re experiencing and why, and to bring your awareness to the healthy reasons why you face the challenges that you do. 10-25 Points: A little more insight, a little less stress and before you know it you’ll be moving more quickly toward what you want in life. You don’t have to be suffering or to want to completely reinvent your life to use TruAwareness, you simply need to have the desire to have more insight, healing and success in your life – as you do. You have a desire for a better life and TruAwareness can help you respond to this call with enlightening results and without a significant time investment. 30-65 points: You have a sincere hunger for self-improvement and this desire will serve you well in life. You’ll be able to use TruAwareness to bring insight and healing into any area of your life that you choose. Since you’re used to struggling for the answers, you’ll love the emotional release that TruAwareness offers. You’ll be amazed as TruAwareness shows you how you don’t have to do this anymore. With All You’ve Ever Known you’re going to learn to hear and see the empowering insight and Guidance that calls to you. 70-110 points: You are on a deep path of enlightenment and are truly seeking the answers to your questions and the remedies for your pain. Though you may not feel like it, you really are a courageous individual. Your questions are – where do I begin? How do I begin? Will this be hard? With deep, healing insight and a release of your most painful emotions, TruAwareness will make your challenging path easier. You’ll begin where you are right now and soon you’ll see how get to where you long to be. The healing you want is right here waiting for you!