Using Irrational Belief as a Tool of Mind Control

You’ll find that most people are in some way irrational, even superstitious. They may be “superficially” superstitious and base their behaviors on things that have no basis in reality. They may be literally superstitious and think that some action or inaction will irrationally effect their desired results. Uncovering someones irrational belief is easier that you might think. Simply observe and you’ll see it. You can also test it out. What would happen if you could uncover their irrational belief and use it as a tool to drive their thoughts and actions? You would be using their “map” of the world to influence them. That’s true mind control. To influence someone in this way, it’s important to just assume that people have some irrational fear, belief or superstition. Then uncovering those fears, beliefs and superstitions is all a matter of just observing and asking yourself “Does this persons response have a logical origin?” What you’ll find is that answer is almost always “No.” Most people will in fact behave according to events based on automatic reactions that are completely irrational. They often do this because that reaction has worked for them in the past… sometimes only ONCE, but it’s enough for them to conclude that it’s the best response they have. Other people will be more overt with their superstitions and demonstrate what Karl Jung called a “complex” in which strong emotions are triggered automatically as if they were programmed to respond this way by trauma. Guess what? It’s very likely they were! Begin to look at peoples behaviors and run them through the “irrational belief” filter and you’ll see just how often this behavior occurs. You can test it by simply asking their opinion in a “what would do” type of fashion. Most people love to believe that you value their opinions and will tell you eagerly. To take advantage of this new information see what you can do to use it to influence them your way. You can do this by presenting them an two options one of which would trigger this irrational belief. In most cases it’s always best to only point out the irrational belief to them as a last resort of influencing them. Regardless of how you use this new insight you’ll always seem much wiser than you are if you act unaffected and “above it all” as if you are wise, compassionate and filled great wisdom based on a rich life experience.