Work Can Be Fun

Work is fun when it is part of our mission, our quest. Work however, loses some of its luster when it becomes part of the routine with little long-term value. Residual income opportunities have the ability however, to provide lasting financial security and keep work fun! It took me many years to understand a teaching of my parents that “work is fun.” It was a teaching that went well beyond my childhood imaginings in both concept, and reality. As I pursued a career, I had a mission and accomplishing this mission became the quest. A game of persistence, tenacity and ultimate achievement. There were certainly hard times but these were blended with a mixture of fun times and moments of exhilaration as the mission was accomplished. What comes next though? Is life a constant pursuit of one mission, only to achieve another mission? This mindset can wear the soul down and limit your ability to really “smell the flowers” and soak up the sunrays. So, with our careers achieved… many settle into “the routine.” A time where the adrenalin rush subsides and a relative constancy in life is achieved. However, inflation keeps climbing… kids come, dinners are more expensive, yearning to travel creeps in and the weekly paycheck remains constant. Then… our belief system tells us that the company owes us more for doing the same thing. A feeling of being trapped settles in and the fun disappears. The problem though is not in the career that we chose, not in the company that provides our income… but the subdued reality that we get paid for what we do today, and tomorrow we will get paid for what we do then. If we want to pause, take a breather, take an extended vacation, our income stops. We feel trapped, there is no fun. A few individuals have however, found a way to perform a task today… work hard and do it well… and continue to be paid for this very same task tomorrow, next week, the following month and the coming year(s). These people are all around you and in this type of work environment… you can really have some fun. After all, isn’t it nice to be on the beach, or relaxing in your own backyard knowing that you are still reaping the fruits of your past labor? Actors, musicians, insurance agents, landlords and business owners are just a few of these individuals. Now, the income these individuals earn in the beginning is usually a modest sum but as they persevere in their chosen field the earnings climb AND these earnings compound what is already being earned from past work. At some point in time, they have Multiple Streams of Income (MSIs) that will outshine any standard routine job these individuals have had as their Primary Source of Income (PSI). This is when they may choose to remain in their current job… because they have financial freedom (and security), they like what they do and get satisfaction from their chosen tasks. Some however, opt to take a year long sabbatical and think of new ventures, some pursue the next challenge with greater vigor and others find ways to help others; after all, Abraham Lincoln once said… “you cannot help the poor by becoming one yourself.” If you are looking for financial freedom, you should contemplate supplementing your PSI with one, or more, MSIs. MSI opportunities are many and most can be generated from the comfort of your own home on a part-time basis. Do a search on the Internet for passive income, residual income or home business opportunities and become a small business owner. With the right system, the right dedication and a sincere passion for building financial security… you can become independently wealthy. This combination of identifying proven systems and putting a residual wealth building formula in place means that you are working for yourself today, but you too will soon start to see your labor bear fruit more, and more, as time goes by. My parents were right… work is fun!