You’re The Inspiration

Thank God inspiration didn’t wait for me. Had it done so, I’d probably still be trying to ward off the person holding the knife. I wasn’t trying to be inspired. I was trying to survive – literally trying to spare my own life. I knew if I didn’t hold the door closed then the knife in the hands of the other person would be slashing at my flesh. Trapped in the back room of the house, nowhere else to run, all my weight pressed against wood, knowing the other person wouldn’t give up. That was when it happened. Inspiration intervened. ‘Put your coat on and let them in,’ a small voice inside me whispered. I looked at my coat hanging on the peg, a big thick skiing jacket. Would it protect me? Maybe. I unhooked it as I rested as much of my weight as I could against the door. Slipping it over my shoulders the small voice continued. ‘Now let them in a bit at a time. A crack in the door at first, then let it open. When you feel it’s right, pull them inside.’ It sounded bizarre to me, to allow someone attacking me to come beyond the piece of wood separating us, but that’s exactly what I did, disarming them and then holding them until it was safe to let go. You could argue that the small voice in my mind was the voice of common sense. You might call it intuition, spirit guides, God, or just plain crazy! I’ve come to think of it as the voice of inspiration. Back then the voice of inspiration came as a surprise. Today, it’s more of a friend. The example I’ve given you may have saved my life, but since then it’s helped me build and shape my life. As I said at the beginning, ‘Thank God inspiration didn’t wait for me,’ because I don’t think I’ve necessarily been good at preparing to hear it’s wise voice. Yet inspiration has been with me, nudging, suggesting and playing around until I follow it’s wisdom, change my reality and look back and laugh at myself for not following it’s guiding force sooner. Once a man wanted to win the lottery. For weeks he prayed to God and each week when his win failed to materialize, he complained during his prayers. Then one day God came down and spoke to him. ‘Meet me half way,’ God’s voice boomed. ‘At the very least, buy a ticket!!’ And I think this is a little like what Edison meant when he said, ‘Genius is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration.’ Inspiration is just the thought, the idea, the guidance. Perspiration is the practical application, the grounding, the making it happen. And when we get this part right, who knows what great things we can create. Today’s exercise 1. Go about life 2. Notice what goes on outside you 3. Notice what goes on inside you With Love and good wishes Neil