Your Attitudes Are The Clothes Of Your Soul

How are you dressed? Are you dressed in fine clothes, rich in colors, warm and inviting to the eye, or are you dressed as a pauper in rags? The time has come to move onto a higher state of living. By saying this I am not implying that you place yourself above another human being or view others as beneath you. Rather, I am saying elevate your own self to a place where you are not trudging around in a rut, covered with mud, covered with flies and cursing all the while. Work on having integrity and being virtuous. Work on being whole. Work on being responsible for what you think, feel, and say. As we live and interact in this world, it is easy to give into our baser expressions. You know what I mean. Yelling in the car at the drivers behind or ahead of you or lifting that finger and displaying your I.Q. Expressing our displeasure with the idiocy of the store clerk you’re dealing with. Complaining loudly about your wait in line. These things are really not that important in the grand scheme of things. And when you make them important, you belittle yourself and those around you. We who have the advantage of living in first-world countries have become a spoiled lot. With our computerized, electrified, and modernized lives, we forget the simple things. We forget our manners. We forget that we are not alone here and our energy affects those around us. We tend to get caught up in the petty things on a daily basis. It is easy to fall into a complainer’s attitude. Why not train ourselves to exhibit a thankful attitude? It is easier on the body, the mind, and the soul and it has a wondrous way of spreading. When we walk around in our little clouds of negativity – we exude this energy to other people. Haven’t you ever had a bad day? Of course you have. When you feel a bad day coming on, stop, breathe, look, and listen. Pause for 30 seconds. Think about the alternative to living – you could be in a hole taking a dirt nap. Are things really that bad that you have to dump your negative energy on others? Really take the time and look at the world. I don’t care where you are, but if you look long enough, you will find the beauty in the day. And there is always beauty waiting for you to discover it. It is one of the many gifts of living. I know this sounds easier than many of you think it is – but it is as easy as putting on a different pair of socks. It is easy as changing the part in your hair. It as easy as changing the clothes you wear. Remember: you decide what you’re going to wear. Realize that your attitudes are the clothes of your soul. Try dressing up for a change and see if your day doesn’t go a little better.