Your Face: You Be The Judge

This story was told to me. A woman in her thirties went to a cosmetics demonstration party. The Mary Kaye representative showed the small group all the newest products in their line. Some of the women ordered products and some were not sure. She gave everyone a small catalogue to look at. It listed all the products they sell. She also offered to go to any one’s home and give them a free facial. That would allow them to try the face cream without purchasing it. She told the group there was no obligation to buy unless they liked it. Three women made an appointment. On the day of Victoria’s appointment she welcomed the Mary Kaye representative into her home. She served coffee and then they prepared for the facial. Although Mary Kaye chatted on about how good her face looked and didn’t the face cream smell terrific, Victoria felt an uncomfortable tightness on her skin. She mentioned it and Mary Kaye just said “We’re almost finished.” The cream was being applied with upward strokes of Mary Kaye’s fingers and finally they were finished. Mary Kaye handed her a mirror and told her what an improvement the cream had made on her skin. Victoria didn’t agree but bought some of it anyways. She used it for a week. Mary Kaye came back to see the results. Victoria said she was going to go back to using her old brand. Mary Kaye tried to convince her that “her skin was going to adjust to the new product.” Anyone can see that makes no sense. When choosing cosmetics of any kind or color you are the one who makes the decision as to what looks good on you. You buy what you like. It is your face and your skin and should feel comfortable to you. The idea of you having to accommodate the product by adjusting to it is preposterous. If you are ever given free samples at a demonstration party, remember you are under no obligation to buy anything. If you are given a free service — it should be just that — free. A certain brand of cosmetic may work wonders for 99 other women but if you’re that one woman that has a bad reaction simply try something else. There are about a gazillion brands on the market to select from.. There is a company named Yves Rocher’ that has some fine products. Their full line of baby products and men’s section will make it easy to find everything you need in one catalogue. They offer a face creme and eye creme for three different age groups. There’s also a shampoo for every hair type and every hair problem. That includes dandruff shampoo. The shampoo and conditioners have a wonderful clean scent. Add a container of the foot “rejuvenating gel” and they really do have you covered from head to toe. They often have gifts that are included with your order. Once they gave away free quilted cosmetic travel bags and another time a light-weight fleece blanket. Its’ a good place to find inexpensive gifts such as scented body wash that has a matching bottle of cologne. Everything is packaged for gift-giving. Then if your total order is a certain amount (it was $42 at one time) you get free delivery. This company makes it easy for you to shop and save time. It is also a fun experience