Coaching – Accusations Unacceptable

“Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.” – Sophia Loren Hindsight is a great accuser. It seems that no matter what decision we make there is always a decision we could have made that was better. Sometimes it can even seem as if the secondary choice would have made the world of difference for us. Sadly we can get bogged down in personal or business failure. Consider a choice that was made by the Portland Trailblazers back in 1984. The Trailblazers were a rising star franchise in the NBA. They had a solid unit, but they needed a stellar center and they thought the 7’1” Sam Bowie was a perfect fit. They watched as Akeem Olajuwon was taken as first pick and they made what seemed to be a solid choice for their second pick draft selection. Sam Bowie would be the capstone on an all-star lineup. Portland probably looked at the young man that would be chosen third in the draft, but the didn’t need a shooting guard, they already had two players skilled in that position. Leg injuries would plague Bowie, the tall center from Portland, while the third pick went on to be considered the best that had ever played the game of basketball. Michael Jordan was that overlooked player. His contributions to the Chicago Bulls are well noted while sports history can only seem to observe the selection of Bowie as a colossal blunder on the part of the Trailblazers. On paper the selection of Jordan made no sense for the Trailblazers while the selection of Bowie showed tremendous promise. Some in the realm of sports reporting consider the Bowie pick to be the biggest mistake in sports history. What does that have to do with online business? The Portland Trailblazers are still a team and Sam Bowie went on to serve three different NBA teams in his own low-key style. Bowie would never reach the same place experienced by Michael Jordan, but he remained a solid contributor. The same situation happens every day in online business. One product is chosen over another and fails to live up to the hype or one business model shows great promise, but fails. I don’t know what Sam Bowie would say today about how history views his entrance into the NBA, but he continues to experience success as a businessman. As an online business owner you can’t let the failures (real and perceived) of the past dictate what you can and can’t do in business today. If you have failed, admit that to yourself and move on. “If a mistake is not a stepping stone, it is a mistake.” – Eli Siegel