Now You Can Have A Happy Life That You Have Been Dreaming On

Who doesn’t want a happy life? Only real fools would reject it. Yet, many people out there feel sad and feel bad about their life. Are you one of those people? I used to be one. But, then, I woke up and I was no longer part of the pathetic group of people. Do you realize that happiness is yours to create? It’s all in your head. How’s that? You might ask. It’s about focusing on your blessings and ignoring your misfortunes. Every time you feel sad about something that is happening in your life, try not to think about it. Instead, direct your mind to all the blessings that God has granted you. Count your blessings; remember things that make you happy and smile. And, always look at the bright side. Everything that happens to us is meant for a reason. Let’s say, now, you have just got fired from a job with a very high salary. But, did you really enjoy the job? Were you not complaining every time you go home from work? Your being fired might be a way for you to find a job that you enjoy doing. It’s an opened gate to a happier life. People sometimes focus themselves to their loss instead of a brighter future. And, that’s the biggest contribution to a very very unhappy life. The last thing to do is get on the street. Look at those homeless people out there. They’ve got no home. And you? You’ve got a home, a great family, a job, a speedy internet connection. You should be very thankful. Compared to them, you have the world. So, do you still think you have the right to be unhappy? If I were you, I would say no. A big NO. If your answer is still yes, you’d better reread all the above lines.