How To Find Inner Peace

Amazingly, you have just come across the information that you need to find your own inner peace. Just look at the page in front of you. It’s you who is staring out at this page and it’s you that is the Source of your own inner peace. You just haven’t learned how to see yourself yet and you need a little guidance. Once you are able to focus in on who you really are, you will reach inner peace. You will know it because nothing will disturb you anymore and any feelings of dis-ease or “uncomfortableness” will be gone entirely. It’s not a joke. This is something that is possible for you and that has already happened for many other people. They learned to focus their inner consciousness onto themselves over longer and longer periods of time until, Boom! A breakthrough of consciousness happened that overwhelmed all of their old ways of looking at things and put them at peace with the entire contents of their mind. It’s almost entirely that simple. If you are wondering how to do this yourself, it’s a pretty good question and deserves a bit more explanation. All you have to do is watch every thought and emotion that goes through your mind. No matter what it is, if you continue to watch, as simple as that seems, you will become an expert in no time at all. Go ahead and try it. Just keep to this process of watching each thought and each emotion as it floats by. There goes a sad emotion, there goes a happy one. There goes an angry emotion, there goes a scared one. Watch each thought such as the thought about your mean old mother-in-law or the thought about your newest recipe that you plan to use for dinner tonight. Learn to relax as you do it. It doesn’t matter what the thought is, just watch it float up out of nowhere and watch it disappear again into nothing. As you practice doing this each day, you will become better and better at it until one day, Shazzam! Many people report a sudden eruption of energy inside themselves like a conscious energy that bursts up through their heart and into their head which utterly transforms all of their thoughts and feelings like they never imagined. This is called the Kundalini energy in Indian terminology and the Holy Spirit in Western terminology. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it. The fact is, it brings inner peace and makes you feel like a million dollars every time you raise it up inside yourself. That’s right. Raising the Kundalini can be done at will once you have become practiced enough to make it happen the first time. This energy then becomes the source of all your happiness and inner peace in life. It becomes the thing that you look forward to each day as you prepare to sit down for another 30 minutes or so of meditation. In the beginning, if you are just starting out with A Course in Miracles or with any kind of meditation in general, you will find it quite hard to sit still. Everything inside you will want to move around and get up from your chair to go see what’s on television or happening down the street. Meditation can be so boring! Still, if you are one of those people who really believes that there is a great potential locked inside you, you will teach yourself to sit still each and every day for at least 30 or 40 minutes. Eventually , you will learn to sit for longer and longer periods of time and you will learn to be more and more content as you sit there doing nothing. It’s a battle with your ego is what it is. Your ego wants to get up from the chair and get back to the troubles of your life. Your spirit, however, will be stronger and will instruct you to just sit there and let the ego tire itself out. Over time, week after week, month after month, you will see that your mind becomes more and more contented with just sitting still. At the same time however, the ego will really get frustrated and try to throw up its worst attacks to try to stop you from keeping to your course. If you wait it all out and sit still no matter what, finally your ego will be broken and your Spirit will burst forth as the true champion. That’s basically how it works and you can pat yourself on the back for reading this far and learning what you just learned. It wasn’t an accident that you came here to read this and it won’t be an accident when you set your mind to the task of finding inner peace. The inner peace you search for is locked away inside yourself. It only takes a bit of serious intention and discipline to find it in there and then, you too will have the inner peace you have always wanted.